Pill for Copper s2+


Would the pill be the same as a regular S2+? I messaged Simon about a pill for a copper S2 and he simply said he didnt have one.

I swapped the pill out of a gen 1 copper s2 into my new gen 2… so I have a beat to hell gen 1 body that makes no light……



so you put the short pill (about 3/8” tall ) in a S2+ —- One threads into the other but not Vice Versa

I don’t understand?

I need a pill for a copper S2+.

I moved a pill from one copper S2 to another that I bought as a host.

Just trying to figure out if the pill from an aluminum S2+ is the same as a copper S2+

Since I haven’t bought an S2(plus) recently I can only aswer from my own position.
In June 2018 I bought a (eg.: the last) copper S2+ from the first series.
When I needed a short pill I noticed Simon no longer sold it, and neither did FastTech.
Even if FT calls it temporary out of stock I don’t think it will ever come back.

Then I noticed Kaidomain still sold it, HERE
This pill is interchangeable with pills of same age Cu and alu S2+’s and all S2 models.

I never realized there were two Gen copper S2+ ——- There’s the other copper S2 type lights simon built that have totally oddball threads — If you’re looking for a pill for the regular S2+ that use the short reflector — I have one — A picture would help — I would like to see the two you are talking about —— I thought I had them all

That’s a pill for the S2 — it will go in either of the lights — the bigger pill from the S2+ —- only works in the S2+

Thanks guys. I am easily confused . I just measured the pills in my gen one copper lights.

They are brass and measure .510” thick

Then how ’bout THIS one?

I just measured them— you have the bigger pill —— what do you need — Pill— Reflector — Lens — I have them all — where are you located

ILLinois . I need The pill with some XML 5000k led on it.

Something that’s plug and play.i have a reflector and lens.

It’s either that or I just sell the beater host.

By the time I build you a complete light engine —you’d be cheaper to buy a whole light — Pill $3 — LED $5 — Driver $5 — Shipping

I have two copper S2+ and can confirm the thread for the pill is different and not interchangeable between them. One of them was purchased in the first copper run and the other in the second run.

Not sure exactly what this means.

When I say copper first gen, it is the diamond knurl S2. Second gen to me is a straight knurl S2.

The pill from gen 1 works in gen 2 because I just transferred it over, and gifted my vacant gen 1 to someone.