Pixel Keychain Flashlight - opinions?




“LED: Nichia premium 5mm LED, cool white”…quite meaningless.

Nice..but I've pretty much written off anything using "watch" type batteries. Just too inconvenient for my picky arse.


Hmmm… $36?

No. Thanks.

Streamlight Nano, $7.44, and still too pricy for me:

Keychain flashlight, $4.08/10 (41¢/each):

That’s better… :crown:

Really like the looks of this one but at that brightness might as well just use one’s smartphone light for those odd occasions. Like mentioned above also not into tiny little batteries.

Thanks for sharing as its a nice looking tiny light.

At $36, that’s a little too expensive for what I perceive I’d be getting.

I’d be a buyer at somewhere around $15… $18 tops.

I used to have a LED Lenser that took watch batteries. Way more trouble than they are worth. It spent more time flat than it did powered up. One of the things this site has taught me as how much better and easier torch ownership is when you have your own rechargeables and charger for your lights.

I like the design, but not the lumens, battery type, or price. If it was $15 and ran on a 10180 with a brighter emitter I’d order one.

I like the size and the Nichia, and I’d be all over it if there was an option for 10180, but I’m done non-rechargeable batteries.

that’s right….