PK Design Lab Flashlights, Tactical Pens

Hey guys, Wondering if any of you guys own any of his lights? I know he left Surefire some time ago as Senior VP of Engineering Design. I only recently found out about some key works of his since he left Surefire. I managed to grab PK Warrior 2 before they were gone. Any thoughts of other releases from PK. Shed some light if you can. The might pick up PK Warrior 1 to complete set. The only drawback is running on CR123A battery not 18650.

I don’t own any of his lights. Just by looking at the website I know they are expensive lights with not so great emitters. I am sure they are built like a tank, at least I would hope so at those prices.

Modded a couple PK inspired lights before, jaggy designs :slight_smile:

it sure looks funky :}

Yeah man, I own the 18650 x 2. Runs 1000 lumens . I might just grab this younger brother to complete set.

Yeah, Todd, I bought the Powertac version. Maybe better up to date leds?