PK Design Labs PR1 Rocket ( SOLD )


Thanks for taking a look.

I have a PR1 Rocket by PK Design Labs.
Low use with some minor marks of use over the several weeks I’ve had it.
It’s CR123A battery format and I have 2 hardly used Nitecore NL166 RCR 123A’s to go with it purchased from flashaholics UK, as well as a Surefire Lanyard from PK Labs!.

A damn good little pocket rocket - no issues.
The threads have been re-cleaned and lubed with Nano Oil.
Check out PK Labs design for more information.

making spaces for new lights as usual.

Cost around $80 new.
£20 Shipped UK Only.

picture available if you pm me your email addy.

Goodnight from London.

Dang dude… move to the US.

I guess I can squeeze in USA if you want it!.
Postage should be not big differences.

Have you given it the hi cri treatment?

Hi nearly but it’s still great stock 62/300 XPG R5 led tint !

Sold thanks - off to the USA !