planning to buy srk style light

I made an offer for a 5x ‘cree xm-l t6’ skyray on ebay. It won’t really bother me if it has latticebright emitters if the offer is accepted since I plan to install both an alternative driver and emitters. I am curious about the difference between the skyray and skyray king. Why a skyray? I really like the way my Nitecore EA41W feels in my hand and want a couple of similarly shaped lights. I’m not a volume buyer but I tend to ‘think outside the box’ so expect the unexpected. If the 5x goes as planned a 7x rgbw will follow.

oh my, when I started here on BLF and talked about the SRK in several topic the negative responses how bad the current SRK is almost had an effect on my cheerfullness.
I got over it by assuming all those who wrote stuff like that were just trying to help and well I like the format and size of the SRK as good starting for learning to mod so contnued positively, fully aware of the work they need to make them really decent lights.

From what everyone else says, the current crop of SRK lights should be considered bare or nearly bare hosts only. And even then many of them will make poor hosts for good performance. Don’t expect much because that’s what you’re going to get- or worse.

I’m going to be building an SRK myself soon (well as soon as I can get around to it). There is info on the forums regarding the different models still available and of the good and bad each one has in it. I dug into that one long insomnia-filled night but I forgot to bookmark the threads so I can’t point you to them. They are here though, and you can find them too. And there are decent SRK hosts still available bot no good stock lights and none of those hosts is going to be as good as the original SRK without a lot of modding. Just so you know.

Good luck on the project and I’ll be following your progress as well as posting my own in another thread when it happens.


The problem isn’t just the emitters and driver anymore, it’s that most of them are coming without any sort of shelf for emitters to sit on like they used to so you can’t upgrade the power output at all without making a custom shelf for the light. If you get one with a shelf then you can still make it into a pretty sweet light. :slight_smile:

Any-one recommend a source for the better ones or is it just playing roulette?

I don’t know anymore. There was a while where I had a few good suppliers for decent SRK clones, but then even they started sending me junk so I gave up. With these guys just because you got a good one once (or even a bad one once) doesn’t mean you’ll get the same thing next time.

Decided to go with the 4x emitter rather than the 5x. I’ll fab parts as necessary and wish I’d gone in on the srk fet driver group buy. It’s kind of funny I thought about it, decided not to, then ended up ordering a suitable host after all.

Their even making the reflector dishes less deep, I was really surprised to see that too. That was the last straw for me…

So this 10x is 5x worse?
I was going to come here to find where to buy one cheaper than ebay… I guess I found out!