Plastic storage boxes/cases/holders for Li-ion batteries

I have a gift card for DealExtreme and I need some plastic storage boxes for Li-ion batteries.

This is what I'm thinking about if I were to purchase from DX:

One of these for 14500's

Two of these for 18650's/16340's

And two of these for 26650's

DX is the only website I have gone through, but I don't have to order from them.

I want nice boxes relatively cheaply, and I want to pay with PayPal (or DX gift card). ;)

The boxes don't have to be waterproof, but it would be nice if they are sturdy and don't fall apart.

Is there a better deal on DX or elsewhere?

Those waterproof 18650 cases are less expensive elsewhere. Half price compared to DX. $1.48 at buyincoins or ebay.
I was just thinking to try one. They are suppose to be stronger, better quality then the basic hinged boxes.

This kind of AA boxes are often only long enough for AA batteries, not for protected 14500 batteries.

They are cheaper at buyincoins. :)

$1.48 for one at BIC, $3.37 for two at DX.

That is true. ;)

When I do a search for 14500, those green boxes appears, as do these:

But I don't need three.

Yes, they do fit 14500 nicely, as long as they are unprotected. It is only some of the protected 14500 that is a problem.

Ah, and all of my 14500's are protected! :X

I have 4 of those waterproof ones. The lock tabs are probably a tad thinly attached if that makes sense. They work fine so far, but I have concerns they will come off sooner or later.
havent tried to dunk them to test waterproofiness.

I have some of the waterproof ones as well. I agree that the lock tabs feel like the weak spot on an otherwise good storage box. Some of my lock tabs feel like they could come off any day now.

I’ve got a few of the clear ones on dx. The 1.53 or whatever ones. They aren’t waterproof and don’t hold the thick wrapped protected batteries well. They are very rugged though.

Edit: for 2 18650 4 cr123 ones. No clue on the others.

iam looking for boxes for flashlites….any other idea? i like this one…

Almost 2 years old!

Anyways, if you want a nice sturdy waterproof case:

Solarforce V2 case fits 6x18650, can also fit a compact 18650 light.

I picked a few of these boxes, but in a smaller size for carrying batteries. The latches are very weak. I expect them to fail in less than a year and will resort to using rubber bands to keep the boxes closed. On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d rate them as a 3.

If you buy this, I’d recommend that the first that you do is to ditch the cord. The cord interferes with latches and makes opening and closing the box such a hassle. (Alternatively, you could re-route the cord by using only one of the loop holes.)

I have about 10 of those 18650 plastic holders. The first thing I do when I get them is put a piece of ductape along the plastic seam to give it some extra strength. I’ve done a drop test from about 2 feet on a hard surface without the ductape and the box splits in two along the seam.

Here is an example of my earliest attempt to use ductape (looks a bit crummy). This is the box that has been dropped and the lid has separated from the body. The tape is holding it together well enough for storage. I now apply the tape as I receive them.

The lock still latches

Thanks! I’ll try your suggestion. :slight_smile:

I have posted these before but they work great. Will take anything up to and including and 18650 with no issue. Cheap and durable. Wont fit 26650 though.