Play a song for me, just one more song...

10-02-2016 OK, it looks like just links are the best way to go. I want to thank all of you for some good, some strange, some happy, some sad and some just crazy links. I have not listened to every one, but I have listened to many.

Thank you all. I am in a state where music either helps me or it drives me right down to crazy lane, where I live about half the time, sort of on the edge every day, so to speak, Just part of the beast and part of me from now on. Thanks again, my listening is basically 60's, 70's 80,s rock or soft rock and some ballads and slow songs, some disco, very little country, like Mr. Nelson, Mr Jennings and a very few others and hardly any blues ever. I listen mostly to get away from sadness, loneliness and pain, as am too well acquainted with those guys, so I go for stuff that puts me there where the artist is instead of here, if you get the drift...

Thanks again everyone

OK, Whoa! Two things here and it's MY Fault! Let's either just leave links to videos, or let's just keep the embedded video down to tiny ones, so you would have to go to YouTube to see it. We are loading the hell out of this thread!, so Please, let's go back and correct some posts please?? Smaller video boxes or just video links please??!!

Maybe a thread to keep people's spirits up, or touch them , or make them happy or sad, who knows.

Maybe just a song or two before we go our separate ways.

Maybe just a song to share along the way. Maybe more than just whatchalisteninto... maybe not.



Post away people! It's time to listen up.

I may have doubled up on the meds today...

Second thing is... WOW, I'm not going to invite many of you guys to my funeral, LOL...

Y'all got some crazy ideas of good music!

I'm just havin fun with ya.

Thanks for sharing. Audioslave huh? Rock on brother Ol’ Lumens :wink:

Oh, post songs man, post away!

Songs that say what you want to say. Songs that swing, songs that sway. Songs that move or songs that groove.

Post 'em up people!


Bill Withers - Ain't no sunshine

I’ll play one for ya, O-L!

The Alpha and the Omega. Tool Lateralus. Enjoy :wink:

Unbelievable Raw Talent

Hope you are a Levon Helm fan.

If that does not work….


(I like your song David!)\_m0bI82Rz_k

The rest of the story !
A sequel to “The Road Goes on Forever and The Party Never Ends”

Kit Kutscherousky


Take a ride with Jim

No video, but this is my goto song… Serena is a very obscure artist, who should have made it… :frowning:

Serena Matthews - Shotgun Ravens, Pale Night

I also find this song to be very powerful…

Serena Matthes - Not Dead Yet


Here is some more Chris Cornell , and in fact one of my favorites by him ,


New take on an old song. I really like this one - hope you do too.