please delete

I’m dumb. I got it taken care of.

It’s a left hand thread. Turn it clockwise to remove.


Tighten until spins freely, then back off a quarter turn.

I think it’s 4th dimensional. It’s neither right, left, up, down, forwards, or backwards.

If your dumb so is half the forum that has asked and done the same as your good self. :slight_smile:

Half the forum is dumber than the other half. (Bell curve) :wink:

I refuse to delete this thread.

Way to informative to delete. I would like to know??? Does “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey” work Down Under

Yes No

1/ … but are smarter than some people on the other forum.

2/ former pres. Reagan was really shocked when he heard that half of the American population was dumber than average (did not ring a Bell).

But then again: even at MIT half of the students is dumber than the other half.

Standard Rule Of Fastener Torque Value:

Tighten till it strips, then next time 1/4 turn less

Phil- one of either of the halfs and sometimes both at once

Ha, I love that!

This reminds me of an Dutch joke (there is a whole array of jokes portraying Belgians as dumb in The Netherlands)

When the person with the lowest IQ from Holland moves to Belgium, the IQ of both nations will rise.

BTW its a bit of a shame to see the OP and title gone, judging by the first answers it was a goof question and the first time I encountered a “wrong way unscrew ring” in a flashlight I was glad I remember reading about them :wink:

It’s a tradition here in BLF, when a thread is asked to be deleted it will get bumped… nonstop. :innocent:

One out of every two doctors were in the bottom half of their graduating class.

Yeah, it’s fun. But, I wonder why people haven’t caught on that BLF threads are not deleted, even by request. Anyway, isn’t there an option for the OP to mark the thread as unpublished, thereby removing it from the forum’s view? Or does that only work while creating a new thread?

This post should be deleted now. :person_facepalming:

Who’s bumping this thread? The nerve! :wink: