Please help me choose a 1xAA/14500 Neutral White FL

I just received my EDC05’s from BG yesterday afternoon. Shipping was faster than I expected at 8 days to California! Still waiting on the KeepPower Sanyo 14500 batteries I also got from BG though. Honestly I’m amazed at how tiny it is compared to my ThruNite Archer 2A and TN12. Next on the list is to get a SF14 :smiley:

Quick question on the UT01 vs EDC05, aren’t they the same as the Manker E11 (or clones, rather)? The UT01 uses a Cree XP-L emitter also like the EDC05 I got but the quoted lumens are 1000 lm vs 800 lm on 14500 respectively. Are the drivers vastly different?

P.S. The tail magnet on the EDC05 doesn’t seem that useful, since it can’t even hold the flashlight in place when stuck on something horizontally, though it seems to hold in place vertically upside down.

Maybe look at the Jaxman E3? I'm liking mine very much.

I see alot of Sofirn recommendations. While I’m a fan of Sofirn lights especially their newer lights, all of the AA lights I own from Sofrin (except the 4xAA) are not really that bright. Zebralight SC5W II is probably the brightest one but very expensive. The Reylight TiLan is my favorite of the several dozen AA lights I own but is also costly. The Jaxman E3 is basically a Reylight Ti Lan without the flashy host and missing a few minor features but is a superb 90CRI NW light while still brighter than the Sofirns mentioned above. The Enogear AA Stainless steel is also a very cheap and good alternative. However, support for 14500 is hit or miss.