Please help me figure out which Sanyo Batteries these are.

I got these from the same guy I got the rest of my batteries from. However, he wasn't sure exactly what they were either. All I know is they hold a charge perfectly. I have had them for a few weeks now and they don't drop a charge at all. They also seem to put out more amps than the other Sanyo's that I have owned. In fact doing a ceiling bounce test I get the same lumens with these as I do the Sony 30amps and the Samsung 20r's.

Are these a Sanyo extra high amp battery? Any Idea what the mAh is?

Are they possibly these?

They all say


This site has them as E-fest re-wrapping them as 2,000 mAh High Drain batteries for Vaping.

The posted pics ring looks grey, while the linked pic shows a blue ring, but I assume youve noticed that and its just the picture not showing colour well.

The alibaba picture shows UR18650RX embossed into the label. There is nothing embossed on your batteries?

A OCTE26 is printed on the metal shell under the shrink wrap, correct?

the have the letter C towards the top. I see this on most of the Sanyo’s that I get

Lower down they say


directly below that they have another 6 digit number but it varies from battery to battery.

I was under the impression that all sanyos should have the model embossed into the shrink wrap. My sanyo pack pulls do.

Ok I see what you mean. Not printed on the battery but on the plastic itself going vertically instead of horizontally.

It says, SanyoR1112 and under that it says. Japan 024B

OK one more has UR18650E then R1112 UR18650E

Thanks Helios that led me to this site that has the batteries based on the number

They are 2150 to 2050 and 8 to 10 amps. Fairly high drain which explains their performance.

Thanks guys.

Thanks again.

I know the Sanyo’s you sent me, the red rings are the 2200mAh ones, the blue rings are the 2600mAh ones…and boy howdy does that extra 400mAh help!