Please help me get over my "fear" of stuff made in China

No, the elitists on CPF don't want commoners like us in their precious country club. Watch an old BBC comedy called "Keeping up Appearinces" and you'll see what I mean. So-called "budget" lights are for those on the wrong side of the tracks. That's why BLF is here!

Just stick here and read reviews and soak up info. That's how I learned this addictio.... er.. hobby!

China: You can't go wrong with Solarforce L2P's and many of the new Ultrafire lights are really nice. Just got the UF-980L and I love it... but most lights you'll have to tweak and tighten, clean, etc.-but ask questions here first before you jump. There is a lot of junk also so check here and choose wisely!


I found that show you mentioned on Youtube and it is funny. :) I will keep reading and asking questions. I am enjoying this site and also Flashlight Wiki.

Check out this thread; all three of these $8 hosts are excellent IMO

So just decide which batteries in you want to use, and pick a drop-in that matches. If you want the Manafont 3-mode XM_L, you will have about $25 total invested in the light when it arrives, plus battery. If you want to spend a bit more, get a solarforce host from along with a drop-in there.

And you need to get a new I.D. it is just too hard to address you as s1mp13m4n, what is that the password to get into Ft. Knox?

"And you need to get a new I.D. it is just too hard to address you as s1mp13m4n, what is that the password to get into Ft. Knox?"

Just call him "simpleman." (change the 1 to an i, the other 1 to an l, the 3 to an e and the 4 to an a)


You really should go and check out the Romisen lights over at ShiningBeam. Good, well built lights and all lights are tested before shipping so the risk of getting a DOA is small. And since the lights are shipped from USA you should have them in a mather of days, it usualy takes a week for the lights to get to Sweden.

True, SB is a bit more expensive then DX but the lights usually have better emitters and if not you still don't have to wait as long. Oh, and let's not forget the possibility to get neutral emitters.

That username can from two songs of the same name. Lynnard Skynard and Charlie Daniels versions of different songs with the same name. It is the computer geek or as they call it "leet" version of the spelling of simpleman. :) using leet or 1337 speak does help make a strong password as well.

AH yes, I'm a little rough on my leet lately.

The fear is a good thing, it lowers your expectations to a level, where every half-decent light in that yellow padded envelope, is making you happy. ;-) That is the desired state to be in, when dealing with budget lights.

I have purchased an Ultrafire U20 from Manafont. I guess this is my test run. Now I wait for the thing to show up. From what I understand we are talking 2 weeks or so. I was also brought up a certain way by my dad, so I get it honestly from him about stuff made in China being junk. You know those cheap $10 toolkits that break on you and strip screws? I am not saying that he is right, but it was somewhat part of my growing up. I am excited about my new light and I am thinking that it will be a good one as people on this forum seem to like it.

Even though I know these guys usually don't ship the item for a few days and once they do, Hongkong Post will take a few more days to receive and ship it, and then you can expect another week for USPS to get it and deliver it to me, and I will have the light in about 3 weeks from the order . . . I still obsess about it every day and then hopefully wait for the mail thinking I could somehow miraculously get the item early. That's part of the fun and agony of ordering stuff from overseas.

so in other words just chill out. LOL :) Life will go on, time will go by, I will forget about my new light and be surprised when it finally does come. LOL :) But I want my new shiny toy....sniff sniff.

So, what do I win for getting it right?



sounds like the mailman will be dropping a bin full of little yellow padded envelops off at your door soon, lol.

Lots of stuff coming your way in the coming weeks :)

Post ur loot as it comes in

Well, radioactive anything is possible, but it's probably a stretch. Leaded paint as well is usually brightly colored. The worst risk is probably batteries as that's made with pretty nasty stuff in the first place.

In general, other than being kind of dirty and grimy, I don't think its some dangerous endeavor. People living don't all just die off, esp. from flashlights. Just stay away from the milk.

And really, this hobby would be less interesting and fun if we didn't have to deal with the "surprises". It's cheap thrills when you open the package because you never know what you're going to get.

Hello again everyone. I am enjoying this site very much. I have a question, what are the pros and cons of buying items such as lights and knives from sites such as and others? I am asking so I can learn, not to casue a flame war or anything. At this moment and time (until I get an education) this is what I feel:


price, price, price


long wait time to get your item

may not work out of the box???

may be of lesser quality than a namebrand item??? Example $55 Buck knife from Amazon vs. $8 knife from SRM

Again I am only asking this to learn so I can see the facts and also understand more fully why this is a great forum (which it is) and learn that yes there are some great values out there if you know what to look for and where to look. :) Thank you all for the help.

May be, not always. I'd put up just about anything from SanRenMu against Buck. In fact, you're much less likely to get blade centering issues on a SanRenMu.

This is a great place so thanks for all this wonderful help. :)I have a Kershaw Leek that has a blade that is not centered so I know what you mean.

Sometimes price ≠ quality. Sanrenmu even makes some knives for western knife makers. And quality control is similair to western manufacturers. And for 10% or 20% price as they are meant for domestic market. It is just good value for Americans or Europeans...

I really want to try out an SRM knife or three. :) So many choice, so little $$$