Please help me pick an EDC light for my cousin

Hello everyone. I am looking for a flashlight for my cousin. He is an automotive fleet tech for a living so I want something he can carry with him each day and something that can take a fall. Being a mechanic sometimes things happen. His EDC light is a Streamlight Stylus that he pays way to much for off the Snap-On truck. It is a good light but not very bright. This light will not be replacing his Snap-On LED work light, but rather be something he can have on him as an EDC light for anything. I am looking for something that is good quality but does not cost a lot, good bang for the buck. I would also like to have batteries for it that are easy to get rather than invest in a charger and batteries that way he does not have to carry the charger home to use it, etc. Thanks for the help.

I would go for a Balder SE-1 runs well off of a AA.

What about the Quark 123, you can pick it up cheap on the sale.

Balder HD-1 gets my vote!


Any AA lights will do. Balder, xeno or if still available the Quark series at a steep discount on goinggear.

Shadow GF1,my fav EDC light by some way.Does just about everything required.Everyone that spots me useing it inquires about it.Has a real waw factor.