Please help me to choose which flashlight to get

Which one should I get?

1)* Convoy C8 Cree XM-L*

2)* Convoy L4 Cree XM-L2*

3) UltraFire C12 XML2

I don’t really want to spend $28, but if its a lot better than the others, I will :slight_smile:

Convoy L4

The people who like the C8 say the L4 is ALOT better…

I like my C8…didn’t want to drop the $$ for an L4 (my wife is watching……. :expressionless: )

If you want a VERY good introductory rig…the C8 is a GREAT place to start…later on upgrade :smiley:
With a few basic mods you can turn it from a good rig into a VERY good rig
(copper sinkpad, thicker emitter wires, solder braid tailcap) but in stock form it is quite good

Get the convoy c8 from banggood with xml2. It’s right around the same cost as the FT version iirc.

Edit: they’re actually cheaper at banggood by $1-2 depending on what emitter you choose.

Then keep an eye out for a convoy L4 deal. The most recent was $25 I think, and a few months before that wallbuys was handing them out at some ~$17 (when I got mine :bigsmile: )

Is a C8 with xml2 much different than the L4 ?
That’s odd that its as cheap as an XML even tho they’ve upgraded the led. So is it on par with the L4?

Got both the convoy c8 and l4.

The l4 I got is really disappointing. Totally not worth the extra money I payed. The C8 is still unbeated in bang for your buck in my book.

The major difference between the l4 and c8 is build quality.

L4 has a solid/integrated led shelf. It has screws that secure the stock copper board onto the shelf. Very good thermal management. Then it has the side switch for mode switching and tailcap clicky for on/off.

As far as output goes it can be a bit of a toss up, but not being able to recall actual data… I would guess stock L4 will beat a stock C8 and will likely maintain the greater output for longer because of the superior thermal management.

If you had them side by side you probably couldn’t tell which is brighter.


Welcome, btw.

I don’t really want to spend $28, but if its a lot better than the others, I will :slight_smile:

Wait til you spend a couple of months here…. :bigsmile: $28 will seem like small change…
The fast tech convoy is great quality, can’t comment on the others, but if the quality of the bang good c8 is the same,I would go for that one….

UltraFire C12 Cree XM-L2 U3 3-Mode (without strobes), $17.43:

C12 XM-L2 U3