Please help me - Where is that thread about using 2x Nanjg 105C boards for 1 led emitter?

I have been looking and searching and I just cannot find it.
There was a thread where someone described the easiest way to use 2 x nanjg 105C boards for doubling the amps output to 1 led emitter. As far as I remember it was with the attiny processor disabled on one of them (cut leg No. 3).
Maybe it was part of a thread on another subject because I cannot find it anymore :frowning:
If anyone knows the thread or can do a small recap on the subject this user will be super happy again :slight_smile:

This one?



Best bet is to PM Techjunkie about it, as it's his deal. I just copied the info, but I'm not the one to explain it well enough to make it coherent.

All 8 7135 chips on a 105C are in parallel so to double the output you want to use the 7135 chips on another board but have them controlled by the original Atmel chip. This thread identifies the various bits on a board and has links to various other threads to help you understand what you need to do. The mod OL refers to is there as well. Basically you clip the Vdd pin on the Atmel chip of one board and connect the ground, Vdd, and output pins of a chip on one board with those on the other. The allows the Atmel chip to control the chips on both boards through the Vdd pins and routes the output through all of the output pins. Connect the ground on both boards to battery neg. to complete the circuit.

Thank you all of you. I asked the question and 2 minutes later the internet was gone! #!Β§&! For some reason I got the "uncertain about this" bug when I were just about to solder the first connection between two boards and I just could not get myself to just try it. Now I've saved the picture to this pc so I can reference it later. Thank you guys, you are a great help :-)

Once you understand, it is obvious(palm to forhead). There are three different pins on each 7135 chip(middle pin is same piece of metal as larger ground tab) and each one is connected via traces to every other β€œlike” pin of the other chips. To connect two boards, either another mode board (with the processor disabled or removed) or any single mode board you just jumper the left pin of any 7135 chip on one board with the left pin of any 7135 chip on the other. Then jumper the right pin of any 7135 chip on one board with the right pin of any chip on the other. Take your pick of which chips to jumper just make sure you jumper like to like. The easiest way to jumper the ground is to stack the boards with a wire soldered through matching holes in the ground rings. If you are still unsure, just post a pic if what you think you should do and someone will verify it for you.

The Old Lumens version is well articulated. Works like a charm

Old-lumens, thanks a bunch for the great detailed how-to and schematic on the triple nanjg 105C. This is just what I needed (or will probably need) to complete my light project. If you have some time or get bored, please drop by to take a look. I would very much appreciate your input.