Please look at this light and tell me what you think.

Is it worth $23??

It appears to be another garden variety Trustfire 18650. It says adjustable focus in the description, but the photos show a reflector and no aspherical lens.

It was discussed here Trustfire Phillips

I have this light. It’s pretty much a bigger c8. The bigger head and shallow reflecter gives a floody beam with bright spill and a large hotspot. It is not a thrower at any means!
Unless you want a longer light and great runtime, I’d just get a c8.
But the beam profile is pretty floody vs all my other c8’s. So if that’s what your after, then this light might be for you.
It’s not very bright also. Just about 1100 lumens. But mine has some minor mods done to it. Not sure what, it’s been about 2 years.

It is not adjustable

Do you think tis worth $23? I have a Trustfire T1, similar design but with a XML-T6. I just thought the emitter was interesting. I don't have anything other than CREE XML's.

Oops my fault. Didn’t notice the different led. Mine has a xml2 with the exact same host labeled under trustfire