Its a time of year for giving and here’s a way to donate to charity without it costing you a cent.

Download SoftMaker’s latest Free Office suite (for Windows, Linux or Android) before 24 December and they will donate 10 Euro Cents to charity.

See this page for details and to download.

I’ve been using this free office suite in Linux, Windows and as a portable app on a pendrive for a while now. Its fast, light on resource usage and if your needs aren’t heavy I would say its a better choice that LibreOffice.

And don’t forget to spread the word. :slight_smile:


Is openoffice no longer a good office suite?

Does look like it does quite a bit of stuff!

The portable option is very intriguing too
I like portable apps

How much of the 10 Euro cents actually goes to the poor? Probably not much as most if not all charities are run like for-profit businesses who cut a big chunk of the donated money for their own fees, and especially their CEO’s salary. I personnally never bother, prefer to help family members and friends in need, and the community.

Last week outside the supermarket I gave 5 euro to a collector for Warchild, that is 65 times downloading FreeOffice Suite. What's the point of 10 cents other than feel-good promotion of their software?? (can't help, I'm a cynic)

EDIT: on a more postive note :-) :how many downloads would one think they will have before Christmas??

Thats true of some chartities. It is certainly not true of all of them.

@djozz: “How much of the 10 Euro cents actually goes to the poor?” - All of them.

SoftMaker already donated more than 27,000 euros for many aid projects around the world. Here’s a list of all supported campaigns:

IMHO that’s a great idea: you get excellent office suites for free, and SoftMake gives money to charity. It’s never been easier to help by getting something!

That was fast....they already found us!

Who knows what’s inside their free software, besides… the software. NSA anyone? :slight_smile:

What’s the size of download for Windows 32-bit?

I presume that you don’t have a single piece of freeware or shareware on your systems then if you are so sure that only programs you pay for are free of such risk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck its not as if SoftMaker are saying they will only donate if you install and run the program. All you have to do is download it. What you do with it once you’ve downloaded it is your choice. Unless you are using every bit of your internet bandwidth every second of the day grab it and do some good. Its not a big download, approx. 60MB.

As I said earlier I use FreeOffice nearly all the time and its faster and less resource hungry than the other MS Office alternatives.

SoftMaker is actually a really old company, and they seem to be quite legitimate. Nice free alternative to MS Office, for Windows and Linux and Android as mentioned. FreeOffice is their slightly limited free version.