PLEASE READ - You and DX can contribute to the Japan earthquake relief effort.

CLICK: Donate $5 for the Japan Earthquake relief effort and receive a free flashlight. I was completely beside myself and humbled when I read this. Please help spread the word as these poor people are in dire need. How fortunate so many of us are while so many are not. I picked up a few lights and will probably get more. Wont you please order at least one?

1) All proceeds generated by sales of this product will be donated to help disaster relief efforts in Japan via Hong Kong Red Cross. (
2) DX will send you a flashlight with DX Logo in return for your donation. (SKU 47821)
3) The donation period is from March 17, 2011 (14:00pmHKT) to March 24, 2011 (14:00pmHKT). Only 7 days to donate so that we can help the survivors as soon as possible. PLEASE HURRY!
4) You can buy multiples if you want to donate more.
5) The amount of donation will be updated constantly in our forum, blog, Facebook and other DX social networks.
6) DX will give publicity the evidence of donation payment on DX forum, blog and Facebook after this activity to show where your money goes.

Now that's something I did not expect from DX.

Way to go DX!

I'll definitely be donating at least 20 bucks.

DONE!!! $20.01

Thanks Fishin, its actually a smart looking flashlight. Ive given away dozens of these things (without the dx logo) to people that dont carry a flashlight in their car. Many have later thanked me for it.

good work dx. I can't stand those 3aaa lights so I just donated straight to the red cross.

I was feeling generous so bought 2 as well. Sent them to a friends address lol

I'll probably keep these lights as a reminder of the devastation in Japan. My buddy Norm has family in Japan but luckily they were are all alright.....Thank god.

Well, I always wanted a DX logoed flashlight, so finally got the chance :)

That's great from DX, but having relatives in Korea (not affected YET but close enough) and friends of the family in Tokyo I chose the direct approach.

Does all the $5 go to Japan?

I would hope so but who knows--they might keep part of it for the cost of the flashlight. Even though I bought 4 of the dx lights, I still gave to the red cross last week via texting. So hopefully most of the money goes to Japan.....hopefully.

Have a look at this DX told me that all of the sales will be dinated to Japan but it seems that they are only donating $4 per light sold.

We are never going to know the real truth about how much of the $5 is actually getting donated but for me and whoever else donated--our conscience should be clear.

Donations are Highly personnal ...

And Im sure lots of orginisations are starting up fund drives ...

So the question is , who do you give to ?

RED cross ?? I used to give to the red cross , but after finding out how much red cross itself absorbed from donations to fund itself , and too keep staf in Late model Toyotas etc

I decided to Not Donate to the Red Cross ! as at the time only 20c from every $1 actually filtered through to people needing help ..

I found food drives to be far better ...

When disasters happen , here in Oz a while back they had a food drive ...

Donate food / bottled watter etc , it gets Airlifted for free to the disaster area by ?? [ Military Transport or Airline Donating a Flight ]

I find this sort of thing far more rewarding , or worthwhile ..

Japan is not a poor Country , they dont need funding , but the country is in a mess right now , and they really need to pull the finger out and work together ..

Unfortunately , modern humans seem unable to co operate , even within there own country ...

Examples = Haiti , New Orlieans , It took too much time for people to get there heads out of there asses ...

And now looks like the Japanese Gooberment is having trouble dealing with reality ...

I dont think they need money , I think they need decisive action . And in the short term , perhaps some food drives , a ship loaded to the gills with choppers and food / clothing etc , to help the few million displaced japanese ..

Japan is a rich , well governed , disciplined , country [ generally speaking ] and should be able to help itself ..

Unfortunately , something has gone terribly wrong [ dissaster asside ] , and the whats wrong seems to be flowing from the top down ...

I feel for the victims , I feel even more for the country , as the Government does not seem to be able to cope , its a terrable thing , when in time of emergency Leaders cant Lead , and they run around like headless chickens ...

For the sake of Japan , I hope they get there act together .

I think it is great DX is doing this. It surprises and impresses me. I didn't really want the light, so it prodded me to donate. I gave to the Red Cross. I know they're not efficient (the head of the US Red Cross was bragging that 91 cents of every dollar donated to Japan will get to Japan. Paypal only takes like 3%! Certainly they could do better than that), but they are the ones who can really move and Japan already has a substantial Red Cross that I feel like will be able to mobilize quickly and effectively.

I agree that Japan has plenty of money, but at the same time I want the people in Japan to know that the whole world supports them right now.

There is a feeling of helplesness , and one does want to help , Im in no way saying dont ..

I was poorly communicating once more !

I have issue with large charities that consume more finance than goes to helping people .

As well as the obvious distrust of Gooberments ...

But I have no issue with the generosity of good people , or there willingness to help in any way they can .

I think I would just like to see a better way to help , a more direct way , where donations are not funneled in other directions , or chipped away at ...

If you donate a $1 , that $1 should go where you [ the person making the donation ] wants it to go , and the whole $1 should get there , not 35c after everyone takes there slice from it .

Thats why I would rather donate food , or clothing , blankets or something that cant be carved up by those with there hands out between you and those in need .

Rant Off !

As Japan races to contain a spiralling nuclear crisis, it's the engineers and technicians at the embattled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station who are really making the sacrifices.

According to the New York Times, they either volunteered or were assigned to help pump seawater on dangerously exposed nuclear rods in an attempt to prevent a full scale meltdown.

Their sacrifice is huge. Today heartbreaking details of their plight emerged. Some experts say it might be a suicide mission, others say they might suffer health problem for the rest of their lives.

Japanese television has spoken to some of the families of the men involved. One woman said her father had accepted his fate "like a death sentence."

"My father is still working at the plant ... they are running out of food...we think conditions are really tough. He says he has accepted his fate much like a death sentence," she said.

Another woman said her husband sent her an email saying: "Please continue to live well, I cannot be home for a while."

Another girl tweeted, "My dad went to the nuclear plant, I've never seen my mother cry so hard. People at the plant are struggling, sacrificing themselves to protect you. Please dad come back alive."

How the Capital F , [ if its true ] can they be running out of food and watter [ workers ] ...

If its true , then ?? I dont know where to begin RANTING !

Im currently waiting , if it comes to the worst , and these people who are trying to do the right thing , pay the price ...

Funny how its the little guy laying his life on the line

That is true. All the "volunteers" who worked on Chernobyl died within 3 months.

. Someones Grandmother is dying because of the cold .Someones child was swept away right in front of them .Millions and millions of people are afraid for their lives , their lives are shattered .Their hope and future destroyed .Take the time to pray for these people and forget about even having any opinion ..It's probably worthless . Give them the benefit of the doubt .maybe some compassion .

I got my two aaa lights yesterday. I hate stuffing around with 3 aaa's so I stuck a 14500 in one. Works good but I will give them away.