Please suggest suitable 26650 Battery for Haikelite SC01

Bought a Haikelite SC01 flashlight yesterday, and it is my first flashlight that uses 26650 battery only, and I don't currently have any 26650 battery. I have seen on many threads with people commenting that some 26650 batteries are either too long or too fat to fit in such and such flashlights.

ZozzV6 has a thread that shows beamshots and measurements of many flashlights he owns. And it shows the SC01 requiring up to max current of 5.7A

Appreciate it if Haikelite SC01 owners can advise on what good high drain 26650 battery they use on it.

Last but not least, if anyone knows any online retailers that would ship the 2-3 of the batteries to Australia without charging an arm and a leg for shipping, would love to know.

Anyone has any experience with the following battery?

Sofirn 2pcs 26650 5000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

A few guys have tested the Sofirn 18650’s and they test out to be good batteries with the specs to back up whats on the wrapper.

I don’t know what size limitations are on that light and I only own two 26650 lights. One not really high drain and one 3500 lumen light. I use purple Efest, they come in a 5000mah 45amp 18amp continuous version and a 4200mah 50amp 35amp continuous version. That’s the only 26650’s I have ever used and they work really well.

I got older (blue-wrapper) LK 26650s, and they work fine in my L2s.

Sofirn’s got good 18650s (rather 30Qish), so their 26es are probably good, too.

6A ain’t too traumatic even for 18s, so I wouldn’t worry about 26es.

I ended up ordering 5 of the following 26650 battery. Someone mentioned on this post that it is the same cell as the Shockli IMR26650 / 5500.

For US$22.xx shipped to Australia, which equates to a very reasonable US$4.50/battery, I am happy to take a gamble.

Dolidada 26650 battery 5500mah Battery 26650 Li-ion 3.7v Rechargeable Battery for Flashlight Electric tool 20A 26650 Battery

Can someone that has received the above batteries (Dolidada 26650) please comment on the Amps drawn?

Is this a high discharge cell?

I have and use Soshine 26650 cells 4200/4500/5500.
All so far good. easy to get here. Most aren’t.

L6/L2/C8+/S2/S2+ and others All good.

I’ll dig up my invoices if you interested.