Pls recommend a cheap 18650/26650 flashlight with charging port

Hello all, please recommend me a cheap 18650 (or 26650) flashlight with charging port like this:

or this:

Thanks in advance.

UltraFire UF-T30

my gut reaction is dont do it.

All the cheap, changing port lights I’ve seen reviewed have no charging circuit inside, so you feed whatever the charger gives to the cell.

Then consider your charging a cell that vents quite noxious gas in a sealed alu tube. Or I pipe bomb if you prefer……

Pick up a good charger and good cells, then pick up whatever lights tickle your fancy.

I’ve recently got an xtar wp2 ii charger and I do really like it, two charging levels to suit the different cells it can charge, usb output for if I’m stuck and need to charge my phone, came with both ac and in car adapter’s.

I like these cells

but they are a little fat for some lights, Panasonic cells and Samsung cells are also well worth a look, I have cells from all three manufacturers and they do work well.