Pls recommend me a large folding knife.

Seen the Microtech copies at Manafont. KIV, not cheap.

Any large knifes?

Extrema ratio Nemesis II is a big one, but i prefer more “design”

No other requirements, just have to be > 20cm and folding.

BTW, these would sharpen up nicely right?


The only ones I have close to that size are the Enlan EL02-b and the Bee L05-1 (19cm).

The largest folder I have is the Elan EL02

It is a Large knife

The Navy K631 is a really nice knife.

Got mine from exduct HERE

Solid Lock up. Good steel. Very sharp out of the box.

Excellent review from old4570 HERE

Would definitely recommend it over the Extrema Ratio copy above.

I have heard the steel on those is questionable at best.

This is the largest folder I own

I'll see if I can get a good picture in a few minutes.

Edit: Of course finding one is a bit difficult lately.

Navy K631 is a nice knife also .

Here it is next to an Enlan EL01a .

The best large budget knife I own is the Ganzo 710. I own most of the Chinese budget knives and that is my pick out of the 30 or so I have.

Check out , some SUPER nice knives on there :slight_smile:

-Jamie M.

Cold Steel Voyager series

I have an older one and it’s in great shape. The XL is 12 1/4” total length - how about that?

I want to buy the Navy 631 (without serrated blade), but it’s not in stock (hope it will be back on Exduct). Does any other shop sell it for a good price?

Ok thanks…got the Elan-01BA. (black blade) Seems like i am attracted to black blades.

Also got a CRKT M21 (shorter than the M21-14SFG and 16SFG on manafont/ali which is 22 bucks), 7.20 bucks on aliexpress. If i like the design then i guess i’d spring for an authentic one on ebay.

Also got the Extrema Ratio Nemesis copy (from aliexpress, not MF), can’t resist. :heart_eyes:

Over here, only manual/unassisted knives are allowed, and even then you are supposed to so-called register with the police first. (we also ban chewing gum….great huh?)

BTW, the Inron MY803 (9Cr13Mov) is going for 10.50 shipped here, only 2 days left.

Same shop on ebay i think…

Not sure if you guys like shiny stuff… it has a D2 blade.

$75 - $5 discount = 70 shipped.

Another D2 blade. Copy of the real thing. (

Thank you for the links. The shopowner has a forum account, too. It’s David “Knifewholesale”.

I would agree with the previous comments regarding the Enlan-01, as I feel it is excellent value for the price and quality. I personally have the EL-01KH, and it is a beautiful knife. I might even go so far as to say it is the large blade equivalent to the SRM 710, but the proprietary pivot and very minor finishing issues (asymmetrical swedge, uneven grind on the blade) make it fall just under the 710.

The flipper/finger guard, thick and sturdy liner lockup, and the solid build and amazing ergonomics greatly outweigh the minor cons, and as such I would highly recommend it.

I will be buying a Ganzo G704 soon, but it is more expensive and the more complex nature of the axis lock may allow for more things going wrong and be a greater pain to clean.

Have a pleasant time here at this friendly forum, M1K3Z0R!

Thanks! I’ve been lurking for a while and finally decided to sign up. Love this forum, it has helped me immensely in my purchasing decisions so far., and I hope my experiences can help others in return :smiley:

I also enjoy the lack of knife snobbery and other strong nationalistic sentiments that tend to run rampant on some other forums.

For those of you who have all three how would you compare the Enlan EL-01, Enlan EL-02b and the SRM 909.

If you have one do you really need the others? In particular what is it about the SRM 909 that has made it so popular? I have to admit I’m kind of drawn to it myself except for the much higher price and odd pivot pin.

I don’t have the 909 so this comment is almost pointless but I’d put SRM quality above Enlan in every example I have, which is more than a couple. I’d also put the Inron above the Enlan as I’ve said in many threads although I totally see why so many love the Enlan, the knife/dollar ratio is astounding!