Pocket rocket

Wanted a small XML pocket rocket driven by a 14500 battery. So I bought this:


Installed this led:


driven by this driver:


and I got what I wanted!

Everything is very easy to install. The pill accepts a 21mm star and a 16 mm driver

People say this one has a plastic reflector, how about yours?

Edit:: God find BTW :)

these kind of posts with the links are very helpful. Nice job and thanks

Great job, please post some pictures when you get a chance and thanks for the links.

Its plastic all right, and it has a wide opening at led end which is very good for XML

The wide lens gives a nice floody light even with this smooth reflector. Very bright!

I´ll try to take some pictures when I get the chance.

Looks a lot like the one I hope to be rocking soon. Back on the 17th I ordered an Ultrafire WF-501A blank host for $5.89 into which I plan to install my Ultrafire T6 drop-in I'm not using at the moment. That host you got looks a lot like the same size of the 501A. How wide is it actually? You and other reviewers say it takes a 21mm star but KD say's the whole thing is only 22mm wide - not bloody likely.


Length: 10.2 cm, Tube: 22 mm, Head: 27.3 mm, Lensopening: 22 mm

The xml-star from KD (21mm measured by me) fit exactly into the pill, so its 21 mm


makes life much easier

This DIY thread is to good to wind up on page 5.

Thank you Nautic!


Actually, that body was just the thing I've been looking for(I want a high-powered warm-white XM-L light, but it seems to be impossible to find 16mm emitterstars anywhere). This will let me make the 3000K XM-L pocket rocket I've always dreamt of(the last 48 hours, anyhow)

How much larger is this one compared to L2m?

Did you do anything to improve the heatsinking?

The lense-opening in L2m is 25mm and in my diy it is 22.5 mm

Total L2m lengh is 14cm and my diy 10.5 cm

Head is 32 mm compared to 27,5 mm

Body is 25 mm compared to 21.5 mm

In the Kaidomain diy the pill is screwed into the body, so heatsinking is OK.

Ahh, ok. Thanks for your reply!

I am so glad you posted about this!

I forgot i have had this light for almost a year in the pile!

lol This will give me something to play with after i get back home in a few hours.

just wished the "pill" part wasnt all open. I might have some aluminum round stock that might fit it.

Like a kid in a candy store.

You can get that driver right now for only $3.68 if you buy directly from their website and not their ebay store.


This sound interesting. Never build my own light. But with these 3 components you would be ready to go?

I was wonder in if a T6 cree like this one would work.

The driver says only voor the P7 and nothing about the T5/T6. It is no clear to me what modes this driver has. Or has it only one? If it has just one I also found this one.

Does it only work wit an 14500 or also an AA because it says: Designed to work ideally with one 2.7-4.2V lithium-ion batter

How would the light compare to the Xeno E03.

It will work with the Cree XML T6. The SSC P7 has very similar maximum current.

That's a decent build. If you would have chosen different battery, you could have gotten about same size light that takes 18650 (S-mini for example or many others) or similar performance (apart from runtime) in over 2cm shorter body using 16340. Like this.