Pocketable light with rapid strobe

Strobe needs to be reasonably easily accessable ‘tactical’ (no cycling through 5 modes to get to strobe, etc)
Preferable running off 18650 or AA/14500
Faster strobe the better or even pulsating irregular strobe (like the predator has I think but on a smaller light)


I once programmed a driver (NANJG105C 2.8A) with just irregular strobe; I can also add some normal modes in whatever order you want.

Fenix LD12, you can always access strobe and it runs off of a AA.

I like the UI on the TK41 (not pocketable), strobe can be activated with single hold and press, even if the flashlight is turned off. As opposed to many of Fenix lights with the side switch like my LD22, you first need to power light on with forward clicky and then press and hold down side switch to activate strobe.

Cheers guys, great suggestions, like the looks of the fenix

P.S Sorry for the double post, still getting used to my galaxy tab :8)