Pocketable Solar Chargers?

My son recently bought one of these Monaco Mobile phone chargers as he spends his days wasting away at the beach, but it only comes with a micro USB output and only enough juice to power a cell phone. Does anyone know of a comparable product that would juice up some rechargable batteries?

+1, the best way would be to make your own pack.

Received my SunVolt yesterday, I backed the project on kickstarter.
It’s not pocket, but very portable. I got the 15W version.
Did not try it yet.


What about his one:

for the price of the one in the first link you could get two of those and IF the specs are right, two of them should give you 800mA, what should charge batteries in an acceptable time.

…coupled with the ML-102 charger and a good 18650 (wich you might already have?!), you will have a very good solar-charger-batterypack solution with this I think.

Yes, but that would give 800 mah best case scenario. If you aren't exactly in the sun with it pointed the right way it will be less. And then there are inefficiencies in the charging circuit.

Anybody know if there are ready-made cables where you could wire 2 or 3 or 4 of these together in parallel based on however many you wanted to use?

Have a look at Cottonpickers products in CPF Marketplace.

He has a range of panels to choose from, as well as some nice little Li-Ion chargers.

You need to understand though, that you will find it difficult to get "pocketable" and "high output" in the same product.

GoalZero and Powerfilm are two other brands you can search for.

FYI. I currently have four of the Intl-Outdoor panels mentioned here and two ML-102 chargers on their way. I plan to parallel two 400mA panels and connect them to an ML-102. I will be interested to see what output they can deliver.