Polished 501B, I feel like a just scored a very nice new light! [PICS]

De-anodizing + polish + AMC7135*4 + XML2 = a nice new (old) flashlight for me

Nice job. Looks sweet!

nice and shiny! :smiley:

I have done this to a couple 501B’s and 501A’s really perks them up and makes them look much nicer.
But why only 4*7135?

do you get your hands dirty from the bare aluminium?

Just happened to have one lying around. I can't mod drivers, so it goes in as is.


Not at all.

You have done a terrific job polishing this baby. It looks sweet.


How did you strip the anodizing?

Looks great! Details on how?? What de-anodizing method, what polish ...