Polishing Pills and Retaining Rings

Polishing Pills and Retaining Rings

Am I the only one that sands and polishes the brass Convoy pills and retaining rings?

It’s pretty easy to do. Just put some tape on a drill chuck, stick the pill or retaining ring on it, turn the drill on, and press the sandpaper on it. Depending on the scratches, start with lower grit then move to higher grit to make it more shiny.

Obviously it doesn’t impact performance, but I think it looks so much nicer. And gives the internals some bling!



And look at these:

That looks very blingy. :+1: :sunglasses:

Nice job!!!

… but no, I do not do that to my own retaining rings.

Well, not just for the bling. Almost every pill, ledboard (backside), and ring gets a spin on a whetstone. After that I polish it with a few drops of Brasso, on a piece of cloth put over a thick (flat) piece of glas that one was pedestal of a cheap statue.
IMHO clean, flat, and smooth surfaces are better conductors of electricity and heat. If it makes things look good, that’s collateral damage.