Poll - preferred color temperature

3500K. Of course you all may have a different preference but it is just a matter of time, I will patiently wait for you all ending up at 3500K :stuck_out_tongue: :partying_face:

down with green and up with rose tints!

speaking of neutral whites (what ever that means)

4000K for home and small lights
5000K for throwers and large lights


For me it is Cree high 5Aā€™s and low 5Dā€™s. But, my most liked is the Nichia 219B 4000k.

Was there any poll data?

Nichia 219b/219c. 4 or 5000
For natural colour, Nothing more natural.

But lose out in range.

For distance I prefer the cree XPL-Hi. in 6000. (What I have and used)
There are better but seem to be a bit of messing around to set them up?.