Poll: Should We Do Away With Anonymous Rude Marks?

That’s exactly what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

End result then is a thread going way off topic and becoming useless. Look at what happened with the Q8. Page after page of spam and clutter.

Just trust in SB doing it right :slight_smile:
he is doing a great job and the community is awesome

The rude thing helps him, and I am sure if somebody is giving rude flags too often he will write that person a pm about it. As I am sure if somebody gets rude flags SB will contact that person if he deems that fitting.

heheh besides I see lots of posts that are only about how rude points were received, and you know what? If the thread is “hey I got rude marks” that is fine (maybe stat such topic, post there, link to the ruded post and ask why it was rude :slight_smile: )
BUT tadaa if it is in another thread such posts are off topic and off topic about not nice things surely can be seen as rude :slight_smile:
Just stop talking about rudepoints for it can hijack a thread in a very rude manner, no matter how polite the actual words in the posts about them are.
Your rude meter is like fight club :smiley:

Honestly it work very well for a no-moderator system.
The reason it’s anonymous is the same reason that users aren’t allowed to delete or edit other people’s posts :wink: internet witchhunting and revenge.

However I have noticed that almost every time someone gets a rude point, they just have to mention it, and then the thread just gets derailed and becomes very negative.

But how would you know how many of the rude points being handed out are actually mentioned? Unless you’re the one handing them out of coarse :slight_smile:

Ok maybe I should say “half time I have clicked the rude button the person mentions/complains about their rude mark” :stuck_out_tongue:
I also see many other times people speak up about rude marks when it wasn’t me, so I can’t be the only one!

On other forums I’m on there is no rude button but you’re not allowed to publicly discuss moderation/removed posts/bans, so that helps keep the threads free from “why did this get removed? … this is not fair … i did nothing wrong … who was it” kind of stuff.

Hi everyone,

I understand that it’s frustrating when you get an apparently unjustified rudeness point. And the very fact that you care about your rudeness level is an excellent sign that you are indeed a respectful and friendly BLF member.

However, while there is always a small amount of “noise” and illegitimate hits on the Rude! button, it is surprisingly free of wide-scale abuse. For example, I have an admin page that shows me the name and rudeness score of all the users that currently have points. Here’s where it stands now (names not shown for obvious reasons):

So there are currently 4 users that got Rude! hits whose points haven’t expired yet. Of those, there is obviously one huge outlier that I already talked to via PM about the problem and will continue to watch to see if changes are made. Two other users in that list made posts that I would also consider to be genuinely rude. And another user in that list participated in a public argument, which always makes you a target for people getting offended. So the current set of Rude! button points is spot-on.

The button in question is labeled Rude!. I had to call it something. But I think people tend to forget that the post on how to use the Rude! button defines rudeness as more than just the typical grumpy, insulting, foul-mouthed post that almost everyone would consider to be rude. Specifically, this rule is often forgotten:

The main BLF Rules also reiterate the same thing very clearly:

So this is where a lot of the Rude! hits come from. Even if the post and/or user is friendly, it is against the rules and considered as rude when somebody participates in an escalating argument or responds to a rude post. So please make a concerted effort to not respond publicly to rude posts. Just drop it, give the grumpy-insulting-foul-obscene user the cold shoulder, and move on, or change the subject with kitten pictures.

Thanks a lot to the vast majority of our users here that really do care about getting along and who are usually friendly and helpful to everyone.

It did something to OP and to me enough that this thread exists.

I like puppies, not kittens!

Marked as Rude!

I should have know I was opening a can of worms with that one. :smiley:

Not necessarily. If continue, then at least people know, and can make and form judgments.

…or hit the Rude! button and let SB deal with it instead! :wink:

I’ve found that everyone truly has different opinions about almost everything. And everyone approaches life differently. Therefore, everyone deals with conflict differently as well. The Rude! button is there for those who wish to use it. And according to SB, it is being effective and not too much abused. If you’d rather talk it out in the open, I’d personally say go for it! One of the beautiful things about BLF is that we do have the privilege (and responsibility) to self-moderate. But don’t get caught up in arguments, because those are against the rules, as SB reminded us all just a few posts ago. ^ Remember that “self moderate” means that you must “moderate” your “self” not others. :wink:

@atbglenn, Now we are wondering which is you. Could you tell us please?

I’m the one with 6 rude marks

Careful, Joshk. You might get a point just for asking that… O:)

I think the use of the “rude” flag should require the individual to give a reason.

:open_mouth: I win!


Hah no, I press F12 and edit the html/css
I do know how to photoshop though, it’s just a lot more effort and not as genuine as editing the web page itself.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh :slight_smile: I have no idea how to do that html/css thingy.