Poll: would you consider getting a Noctigon Meteor M43 with a simple UI?

Still dreaming.

This would be the perfect UI and should be in every electronic-switched light I use. :wink:

Considering the price of this fl. I would say that sale is going quite slow or, nobody is asking about the fl. itself…

Maybe time to produce a brother/sister of this meteor....

It’s a nice light but the problem is that manufacturing small quantities of high quality product will always be expensive, that custom made noctigon MCPCB is not cheap for sure, more stock parts you use cheaper it gets…

Well originally it was going to just be a single run of 300 flashlights. But word recently came out from RMM that Hank has a second run in process that should be out in a couple weeks. This new run also contains the new tan body.

Sounds like a familiar UI, and also my favorite

Ok so now that I have a Zebralight, it’s very similar in its layout. The Zebralight is fairly straightforward, but I’m also not a big fan of the quick press instant turbo. That said, it’s still a nice light. I like the meteor, but it isn’t the UI that’s keeping me from buying it. I can live with it. It’s really the price. Not that it isn’t a great value.

maybe if enough people vote , there could be a possibility that a more simplier meteor ui will actually get produced.
so far there is 31 people that they will consider buying it……im sure there will be alot more if it really became a reality. not everyone posts here.

With a ZL UI and XPL HI’s I’d buy one for sure. The UI has put me off the whole time

If I understand correctly, the M43 driver doesn’t actually make true smooth ramping possible. It sounds like it has several different power channels at different levels, and distinct visual differences when it changes the channel. I think. I’m not sure I understood everything with the browser auto-translating from a language I don’t speak.

Anyway, it sounded like the ramps between levels aren’t actually usable as regular output levels, due to hardware limitations. The earlier versions seem to have a fair amount of discussion about hiding this limitation, minimizing the visual glitches between levels, etc. So a true ramping UI might not be feasible without driver hardware changes.

Weird thing is that is has something like that.

I followed this thread and took notes, specially from blueb8llz and TK. I implemented a ramping UI in Narsil, still needs some tweaks and testing, but almost there. See this post in the 25/45/85 thread:


It is a smooth ramping implementation, but not all finalized yet. Might still add a dbl or triple click to get direct to hi/turbo. Not sure I'm content with a 3 sec ramp - 2 secs might be too quick to stop where you'd like, thinking of about 2.5 secs.

Hay Tom,
Did you ever get a chance to complete this awesome ui your developing?
What do you have so far?

Lots of posts and a video on it in the big BLF Q8 thread. The video will give you the best idea of how it works.

I am still working on it - did a mini poll in the thread on how to handle moon mode in ramping, and working on the overwhelming choice - my choice too.

The new method is:

  • From OFF, press&hold, the light comes on in moon and pauses there about 1/3 sec, then ramps up. This will allow you to engage moon mode by releasing the switch during the pause. A press&hold from ON always ramps up, unless you are already a the max, and if so, it ramps down.
  • Double-click , from OFF or ON, goes to MAX
  • I'll probably implement a triple-click, to what you configure: strobe or batt check - not sure yet on this

Either way, the smooth ramping mode will be kept simple, and probably be the most popular mode, and should be the default.

Man, sounds already like my dream ui! When I have time today, I will read up on that other thread.

You are most probably right. But why don’t we invite inferion to answer our questions? Maybe he can share if he is working on something new or if not we could give him a couple of hints :wink:

Some people from Fonarevka have made accounts on BLF, and I’m pretty sure INFERION is aware of BLF. I get the impression he may not want BLF’s opinion, but you’re welcome to try. It’d be cool if the Meteor was available with a different interface. :slight_smile:

You could also create an account on Fonarevka and talk to people directly. It’s a large and active forum, and earlier development of the Meteor happened very much in the open. Look for “Indigo” there.

Who is INFERION? Curious minds want to know... Also, what's their connection to the Meteor?

I voted no. But only because I already own three and I like the factory UI. UI 2 all the way for me. I would have preferred to have a UI exactly like ZebraLight’s because that is what I EDC but UI 2 is fine with me.

On a side note, the last Meteor that I purchased was the 4000k XP-G2 iteration. It is my favorite. The tint is as nice as any flashlight I own. IMO.