POLL: Yes or No, I want or do not want 26300/26350 Li-ion cells. Efest should decide by the end of April

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The reason for short cells, is for modding, where you could put a higher voltage led in a single cell 26650 light. Short cells would allow for doubling the voltage, by using 2 in series.

Please vote if you want Efest to pursue making 26350/26300 IMR Li-ion cells. I contacted them about it and They need to see if there is enough demand, so posting in this poll will help! Also, if y'all want to post in other polls, in other forums, please do so - CPF and the Russian? forum for lights and then I am sure there are other forums. I want to get this out to people and get results! Please post the links to the forum Polls/Threads that you have made in other forums, so Efest can see the links here.

EDIT: 04/22/16 - Supposedly, Efest will make a decision in a few days, if they are going to make a short 26650 cell. Their concern is low volume, resulting in too high of a cost, resulting in even lower volume. The spiraling circle. If they do decide, I will let you know and I will arrange a GB for the cells, as well as some testing of them.



Thank you for your help.

The reason for short cells, is for modding, where you could put a higher voltage led in a single cell 26650 light. Short cells would allow for doubling the voltage, by using 2 in series.

I would be up for some short 26mm wide cells… They would be very useful in certain applications….

Yes! I’ve looked many times. I’ve got some nice 26650 lights that would work great with mtg but it just didn’t seem right sticking two skinny 18350 cells in the chunky light. If it were a one time deal, I would probably order atleast 10. If it were an ongoing thing, I would start with 4.

It would be great if the capacity could reach 1500-2000mAh! There are already 26500 cells with 3000mAh available, so it might be possible?

This would be a stock item for Efest. They say it will take a lot to make up the new length, so they don't want to if it will become a back shelf item. I think that between the vaping forums and light forums, possibly it might get enough publicity to make it work.

Capacity? I could see 1500 - 2000 mAh max and probably 15 amps max draw. They haven't gotten that far yet. They are just watching, to see if it picks up or not.

I would love to see very compact short tubed 26650 lights! The Cometa would be a good example, should still have capacity around 2000ma… I would think. This could really make for some super small, multi-emitter lights, if China follows the battery tech.

Yes. A Convoy L2 with mtg2 in single cell configuration would be great. I know you could do it and run it on 18350s but the runtimes would be better with the 26350s.

I would be keen for sure! Always wonder why these aren’t available.


@Old-Lumens, you should probably describe the benefits. I think everyone see the poll and says, hmm… that doesn’t fit anything I own. I don’t need them.

Sorry, I thought I did in Post #3, but I will put it up in the first post, for those who do not read past the first post.


Guilty :slight_smile:

My guess is not 1500-2000 mAh, more like 1000-1500 mAh, for an Efest 26350 IMR cell.

I’d buy a couple, but probably just two, for a nice mod I’m thinking of :slight_smile:


For me I say yes, either a 6V emitter in a single tube light or a 12V emitter in a two cell tube. I’m thinking about cells like the 9V MT-G2, or the 12V XHP-35. The 35 could run in an Convoy L2 with the 2 cell tube and 4 26350’s. That would be an awesome combination! And if the cells were available and if we could could get Simon to built the light for it, I can see Efest being the only source for the appropriate cells.

The upcoming Convoy L6 with an XHP-35 and 4 26350’s would be a good seller, I would think,

The reason for a 12V emitter is a good one. The lower capacity cells would not be hit as hard in this configuration as the 12V emitter doesn’t require as high current draw to provide it’s output. :wink: As is the case too with the 9V MT-G2.

We could also run triple XHP-50’s, XHP-70’s, with the short fat cell creating viable possibilites that weren’t really possible using 18350 cells.

This should be sweeeeeeet! :smiley:

I would hope for closer to 1500 then. I don’t know if it would be worth the size and weight if it were much under 1000. At 1000mAh, I would still be in though:)

I would buy some for sure.

G'Day Old-Lumens & Efest,

Definitely need some.

Best Regards,


My thoughts exactly (as long as the capacity isnt abysmal). Efest definitely knows how to build quality/high performance cells, and could fulfill a much needed niche in high performance flashlights.

Id love to mod one of my DST’s for a 4 x 26350 XHP35 HI.

Other advantages are often less mentioned but work very well in my experience: at the same power levels, higher voltage/lower amp builds arent as susceptible to resistance bottlenecks as the lower voltage/high amp builds most of us play with.

Thanks for doing this OL. Fingers crossed that this one sprouts wings.