POLL: Yes or No, I want or do not want 26300/26350 Li-ion cells. Efest should decide by the end of April

Keep posting and voting for the 26350 cells and maybe it will happen. As I said, if any of you are in other forums, like biking, vaping, or any other forum that might be interested, please post a thread and put the link here in this thread. Every little bit will help show that there is a market.

Efest should already be able to look at the market for 18350 and 16340 and that should tell them what 26350 would be.

26350’s would be nice! 8^)

I would definitely buy if the price was reasonable and the capacity was decent. It would make some interesting configurations possible for multi c or d cell hosts. A multi D-cell host could be equipped with battery holders to allow a variety of cell configurations.

I’d love some

TBH, I had to vote “no” as I cannot see me ever using those cells. However I am glad to see that I am in the minority on this.


great idea! i would def. purchase some. my mtg2 can now have some good runtimes while being in shorty mode.

Just think of the 2D Mag mods that can be done with XHP LEDs! I know the XHP-50 and XHP-70 both run on 6V, but they can also use 12V, and the XHP-35 can only use 12V, no 6V option.

I have several 26650 and 26700 lights and mechanical vape mods. Oh Hell yes I would be interested in 26350s!

Absolutely want them. Why would anyone vote no? You always want the most available options as possible. Personally I don’t have any immediate need but if you make em, I will buy em. I will find something to put them in lol….


I wonder who Efest would use for these cells, since Efest doesn’t make cells

these would be great in the TF f13 with xhp50
i will order 4 right now

I voted no. I already have 3 standard LiIon cell sizes, 18650, 26650 and 14500. That’s 2 sizes too many already and doesn’t even count my LiIon batteries for devices. I feel one-size-fits-all is a darn good policy for economy, convenience and compatibility.

Probably whoever they already use for their other cells.

Yes, but you did buy them didn’t you? :wink:

Im out because of the too low capacity reason. If they could have done 1500-1750mah I would have loved this option with a buck driver & 3V leds. Lower than 1500mah is just not worth it for me.

Well, we don't know yet what the capacity might be. Efest hasn't even ventured to discuss that yet.

I will ask if they are even interested in looking at it.

Volume is 25% greater for a 26350 over an 18500 so it should at least be no worse and could be around 1200-1500 mA depending on chemistry. Since it’s bigger than 1/2 26500 I would hope for at least 1/2 26500 capacity or better. The Efest 26500 that Rich sells is rated at 3000mA. Capacity doesn’t seem to relate very closely to volume but if it’s not better than 18500 then somethings fishy.

If Efest can reach a reliable 1500mah then I’m definitely in…

some 26650s have 5000 mAh capacity so over 2000 mAhs from a half size is what will happen somewhere down the rosd, maybe not on the first try, but they’ll get it right some time.

I used a Buck driver with 2 cells to power a de-domed XP-G2 to 5.5A in an Convoy L2 light. This is a great thrower at 328.5Kcd, but in single cell tube form, which I prefer, I had to use adapters and 2 Purple IMR18350’s with 700mAh capacity. Sure would be great to use a pair of 26350’s with nearly double the capacity…