Hello all,

As promised, here you got my impressions about this cheapie zooming, available for 16.67USD at manafont.

The lens is glued :(

Tail cap is ok.

The body is made of two parts, and there is no oring between body and head, just a metal ring, easy to replace by an o-ring in the future..

The pill is good for its price, I like the thick plate that pusses the led against the pill.

Someone forgot to use a bit of thermal paste underneath the led star..

There is a little hole just in the middle of the pill, even with it there is a thick enough wall and room to ad some between the driver and the back of the star.

The lens is a bit bigger than the "standard" X2000

Using an MNKE fits ok

But it should had been 4AAA compatible and not 3...

Niiiiice flood, about 1.54m diameter @ 1m off the wall:

Sorry for the throw, the picture is terrible, the die is defined on the wall, not the sharpest I've ever seen but not bad, it throws a bit or less than a normal X2000 with its smaller lens and worse than the Yezl T9.

It has got the typical 5 modes, with something about 2.8A at the tailcap with fresh batteries.

My verdict is that I can recommend it, really good flood, not a super thrower but not a bad one, and it is compatible with three battery models all of it for a ridiculous price, in the other hand the glued lens the worst part of it in case it gets scratched.

I am planning to adapt a bigger head I've got to gain a bit of throw.

That's all, questions are welcome.

The in-hand pics give a very good sense of scale, something that is often lacking in manufacturer's descriptions.

Thanks very much for sharing !


Good enough for a 6 year old boy.

I ordered because of your post about the low./cheap price.

thanks for the info

looking forward to your mod

Here's the link:


My hands are small, Chicago X, so think the proportion might be a bit different in your hands hehe.

All in all, it is a nice light for the price, and with a few tweaks it might be one of my favourites :)

Got mine yesterday. Throw size is like Tomtops Sipik.

Slide feels OK,but will see after some use.


:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

First wife came in and said Here; you keep getting packages from Hong Kong or China.

If I was in the White House I could have said it is Yavi's faultYell LOL!

Very happy with this BLF light that can use 3 types of cells! :bigsmile: Works great with all 3 types of cells. >)

This one is for grandson Jeremy.

Please tell and show how to take apart.


Hi TadpolePilot,

It is good to know you liked it.

I do not have the light with me now, it is been mooded by a friend now, but I can tell you from the pictures I had already how to tell you how to do it.

You will need to disassemble the crown with the lens on top:

Next, you need a pair of scissors or similar, insert them on the two external holes of the pill, and unscrew it:

If you want to disassemble the led to add some thermal paste, or replace the led, just unscrew the bronze coured ring on top of it using the same system you used to disassemble the pill:

I do not have a picture of the driver, but it comes out just pushing on the edge with a scissor,knife etc.

And finally, if you need to disassemble the switch, again with a pair of scissors against the two holes unscrew it:

By the way, the modification I wanted with a bigger lens and a different head, is taking more time than expected due to it is not that easy to adapt the different focal lengths, I am not 100% sure it will be possible to have it as spected.

but dimmer flood beams than the W-878. The emitter is further forward in the SS-A100 (and in the Deal extreme NEW-108) than in the W-878. With the W-878 there is a coloured rainbow-like ring outside the flood beam. Perhaps the lens has a little chromatic aberration which is lacked by the lens of the SS-A100. The zoom beam is about the same width as the zoom beam in the SS-A100. Both tubular adaptors have a 23mm outside diameter and are rather narrow for the W-878. The adaptors fit the SS-A100. I think that slightly wider adaptors would suit the W-878 better than the 23mm ones. All these criticisms are intended to be minor.

I like my W-878 which is presently working well with a 4Sevens protected 26650 battery. I charged the 26650 battery in my Pila IBC Lithium charger.

Welcome Fourstents. Glad to hear the comparison. I had the SS-A100 on my wishlist up until this one. I wanted the 26650 battery ability. I thought I noticed the ring/corona around the beam, but sometimes it only shows up like that in photos or while white-walling. Just placed the order for mine.