portable rechargeable LED flood light for camping and travelling lighting and outdoor emergency lighting

The features of Rechargeable LED flood lights

  1. High voltage, low current, energy-saving, environment friendly
  2. Use high capacity and quality battery,longer using time,more safety.
  3. Performance stability, high IP rating of water-proof and dust-proof
  4. The lamps can be hand-held or vertical

The Illuminant parameters of Rechargeable LED flood lights:
Led Type: High Power Led(COB)
Beam angle: ≥120°
Power factor (PF) :≥0.95
Charge-Discharge Cycle Count:1000 times
Starter press count:100,000 times
Color:White/Warm White(2800-7500K)
IP Degree:IP65
Frequency (Hz) :47 to 63Hz
Color index (CRI) :≥80Ra
House& lampshade:Aluminium alloy
Housing Colour:Black,yellow,green,blue and silver grey available
LED life span: 5,0000 hours

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