Portable, Solar, Battery Bank?

Can anybody recommend a good product that acts as a battery bank (preferably 18650 based) with integrated solar cells for charging? I’m seeing this and this. That 2nd one seems like a bargain! :slight_smile:

As an added bonus, the 2nd product gives you a so called “Floshlight”! :slight_smile:

I had one of those from BangGood and it was pretty much a piece of junk. I think you would need to leave it in direct sunlight for a few days to fully charge it with solar alone. It only lasted a week or so before dying completely. BangGood were very good about it, they ask me to make a short video showing that it didn’t work, I did, and they refunded my money right away.

I bought one branded “lemon” in US and it truly was a lemon. Two or three days full sun to charge it. Very exaggerated mah capacity. I tossed it out after a week.

Better to buy a Xiaomi 16000 and charge it via USB.

Not recommended to stick those two devices into a single product. Lithium does not want heat, solar wants heat

To get a reasonable charge rate you really need a solar panel larger than the size of your battery bank. So a separate panel makes the most sense imo.

Good point… I think this totally rules out my search for such a product. Thanks for your feedback guys, Appreciated :wink:

Thanks Halo… The heat issue mentioned earlier just makes this a no no… I should have realized this earlier!