Possible Free XHP Sinkpads

If the boards show up I will do the repeated test on the XH-P70 led on one. If (well, when) that tests well, it might make a few more folks here buy the boards ;-)

I’m sure they’ll hook you up. Your tests will certainly make up for the small investment they make by sending you a few PCBs. Make sure they’re sampling everything you need for testing! For example maybe some Luxeon Rebel PCBs, LED ENGIN, etc…

A small part of me, one that has no clear concept of money, wants to buy some high discharge cells, one or two short heatpipes, maybe some thread cutting tools and make a 3x 90CRI XHP70 light at 6A each. Another part won’t be too disappointed if those pads never arrive.

You know, you’re exactly right. I get inundated with so many vendors who almost try and force me to take samples, I’m somewhat numb to the fact that not everyone is like that. If they send them, I’ll be sure and do a review and some thermal transfer comparisons and post them on here.

Right after my last post, I received an e-mail from Sales at Sinkpad stating that the samples would be shipped out tomorrow. I replied with full disclosure that I was not in lighting systems design, just an avid hobbyist. However, I told her that I planned to do a review (as soon as I get LED’s) and would like to do some thermal transfer testing. I would honestly like to see the difference between a Sinkpad, Noctigon, and a generic star. Conscience feels better 8)

Sounds like a winner. In order to decide where to focus your review & testing you may wish to take a look at djozz’s work on the same subject - 6x 20mm XML-ledboard comparison

Is Sinkpad run by a naive teenager from his mums garage?

Why do you say that?

Too bad they weren’t offering up some XML Color Sinkpads. Those are impossible to get.

I could spare one or two… Email me. (I also have a few damaged ones, if I can find them you can have those too but [if I can find them] you may or may not be able to fix them at all…

I got the samples in from Sinkpad. They came in a business envelope with spec sheets. Now if I can get Cree to send me samples of XHP50 and XHP70 so I can build some lights and do a review…

As usual no luck getting samples for me, didn’t even get a response email. Are only US based people receiving them?
Too bad, I’m in a testing kind of mood :slight_smile:

I got a response email right after my request that it would be shipped 'soon', that was 9 days ago. Nothing on the doormat yet.

Well I know nothing about this company but in general, “large companies” are plenty well equipt to look out for themselves, and while it is true the the first unit of anything mass produced (fully burdened, assuming that indirect costs are applied tothe first unit as direct) is unbelievably expensive. #2 is not so bad.

Also consider that they are making a sales list of prospects, I am sure they dont assume to know the name of every eingineer who is developing a potential product for them to supply components for. “samples” are typicaly accounted for as a sales expense.

Also they probily allready have them packedged in sets of 10 and it may “cost” more for them to open a package and remove parts reseal the package and then have loose ones around. Where with the package request Shipping might be the first folks to actually “handel” the package.

$.01 worth

I got 5 XHP50 and 5 XHP70 Sinkpads in the mail today. :bigsmile:

That’s what I ordered, 5 and 5, and got an email response from them right after I ordered. They will be shipped to my old business which is a Restoration company.
They probably came today, I will check tomorrow.

Ok I jumped the gun a bit, the sinkpad samples arrived today. Great stuff! :slight_smile:

I got 6xhp70 coppers, 1xhp70 alu and the rest a mix of copper and alu xhp50 stars.

First impressions:

I don’t like the tiny traces they used to accommodate the 6v/12v configuration on these stars. They’re really wimpy and even in the 6v config much longer than they should be.
As we’ll likely never need to run these LEDs at anything other than the 6v config in a flashlight, that makes these traces an unnecessary complication.

Shorting the LED pads out with copper strips soldered across and running 10Amps through in the 6v Config I measured a 0.124v drop across the traces!
That works out to a resistance of 0.0124Ohm, really not great. We wouldn’t touch a DD mosfet with that high of a resistance for example.
at 15A it’s 194mv
at 20A it’s 285mv (you know someone will run 20amps through one of these suckers soon enough! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Based on this, I’d say stick with the MKR variant sinkpads (only 6v compatible) or wait for a 6v optimized noctigon with beefy traces.


This is off topic, but this is why even with the best of meters and short heavy gauge test leads, it is impossible to get accurate current reading of the draw on these high amp lights. Those meters use a 0.01 ohm shunt resistor. Much voltage is dropped across it and effecting greatly the actual current draw during the reading. These LEDs are greatly affected by that slight voltage drop and why I posted about that 0.001 ohm external current shunt.

Yes good point, standard multimeters really shouldn’t be used to measure high current accurately. Best thing you can do is measure current and output at the same time, then just output in the assembled light. If there are any differences in the measured output then that would show a false current reading.

I use a Turnigy 100A watt meter that has a 0.001ohm internal shunt and beefy 6mm bullet connectors but even then I still have to take it’s influence into account.

Received mine today, mere 10 days after ordering. Regular envelope, 3xXHP70, 1xXHP50; $3.23 to Germany.
Took some macros: