possible hiatus.

As some know i had to research for a new job couple months back, i did get a new position, but its been not so great. Less pay, more difficult shift work, and so on.
Added with some hiccups in the relationship of my other half over the last half of 2015 things has not been so peachy lately, and Christmas so far has been mostly a rough battle from many directions this year. I may have to take some time break from the fun to gets things on a better track for me and my sanity. I will still check in and reply when i can, but i may not be as active for a month or two alt least into the new year.

Always have to take care of your life before everything! We’ll be here when you get back man! Good Luck!

I hope you can get everything set straight! We all need to take time every now and then to get things right in ourselves and our family! Look forward to seeing the new leaner, meaner, streamlined DBSAR in the new year!

I believe all people here will be agree that your other half deserves greatest portion of your time than us.
Enjoy your time, God speed!

Good luck mate.

Please do come back from time to time…

Take your time, we’ll still be here waiting for you.

Don’t be a stranger.

Take care of yourself first. Your presence is greatly appreciated around here and we all look forward to your return even if part-time.

Wish you realize happy times soon.

I really hope everything works out for you sooner rather than later! Warm greetings.

We wish you the best of luck In getting your life together.

Keep the faith, well be here for ya. Take care of the golf balls and pebbles, the rest is sand & water.

We’ll welcome you back with open arms whenever you need us again. Best wishes with all the rough stuff!

take a ‘thrower’ with you for seeing the road ahead clear, even in the darkest moments, and a ‘floody’ headlamp for your immediate environment, so nothing be missed.
Good luck and hear from you soon :slight_smile:

All the best and stay safe.


Best of of luck.

Good luck in sorting out the problems.

We will be waiting for you.

I hope it all works out


Hoping everything sorts itself out well and soon for you. Hobbies are fun but RL takes precedence!