possible hiatus.

Take some time for yourself. Apart from a few egoists, people are seldom busy with what they want for themselves, but mainly with what “others” expect from them. What do YOU really want. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. You can read it in every financial brochure, but it also applies to real-life. Take some time for the biggest investment ever: your life. And when you have sorted things out, go where you wanna go. Step by step. And maybe we will meet again. Good luck!

BLF is with you, hold in there m8.

Take care and good luck :bigsmile:

All the best!

from personal experience i can say:

fight with all the heart to keep what you have - but if job or wife or whatever hurts you: get rid of it!

Best wishes for the coming time.

A good thing about a hobby, unlike the rest of life, is that you can slow down, quit, start again, and it is all fine :-)

It is great that you at least found employment after the previous bad news you posted.

And get your life sorted and then come on back. Look after number 1.

We’ll keep the light burning eh! :wink: