[POSSIBLE SCAM WARNING] Imalent MS18 – 100.000 lumens $300 shipped

Used only a few times.

Immaculate, waiting for its new owner.

The Imalent MS18 is a monster. It’s big, it’s heavy, and it pushes the boundaries of LED and battery technologies. While its dimensions aren’t exactly compact, it’s still remarkable how the engineers from Imalent were able to pack so much power into a hand-held torch. This definitely required ingenious engineering. After all, there’s no other manufacturer that makes a 100,000 lumens flashlight.

Price: $300 shipped. paypal F&F

Send pm please. or mail: gigiboys1985@gmail.com

Beware the seller account viperbart may have been hacked. No activity for several years and the other recent listing for the Aeon MKIII titanium was copied word for word from a 2019 listing by user DesertSnake.

Thanks for looking out for the group SN :beer:

And yes, these pictures were taken from another website, Good eye Scalpel Ninja! :+1:

Review: Imalent MS18 - The World’s Brightest Flashlight | Durability Matters(link is external)

SB I think you might want to drop the hammer on this one.

Gigiboys email Google’s to another forum as having been used in the hack of a user there

Good job BLF’ers!

I wonder if it’s to the point where we post pics with a time dated /username piece of paper in the pic, like on Reddit…

Sad times

We should implement the time stamp rule. It’s simple and one more way of verifying possession of the item. I’d go as far to say the time stamp photo should also require the light be powered on to verify functionality.

Thanks for this. I was sorta debating on this purchase last night too.

Post reported.

What made you immediately think scam (i do suspect your correct)?

Um… He listed his reasons in the post you quoted?

Plus if you Google the email address the seller wants you to use, it’s been used on another forum that was hacked…. Plus the price is too low for a $669 light?

AND he hasn’t defended himself?

I get that, i am wondering what made him immediately look into all that. Low price would be my guess but we have had other sellers sell for good prices before.

Unfortunately there’s no way to guarantee that one gets what they think they’re buying unless it’s face-to-face, so it’s basically caveat emptor :rage:

In the past I’ve bought firearms sight unseen from internet/forum individuals but these days I limit myself to less than $50 stuff. I’d rather spend more buying from a store than someone I know only from the internet.

I was seriously considering buying the other light listed. A titanium Muyshondt Aeon at $200 is a great price, too good to be true. So I was searching for possibilities of clones. I also ran a reverse image search on the photos used. The 2019 listing by DesertSnake popped up and it was identical, just the posting user is different.

Ah, i understand.
I had never heard of that titanium light until today.

Never pay using F&F, especially for higher priced stuff. Scam

Both the IP address and the email address used for this post give reasons for suspicion, please avoid. I’m leaving this thread intact with a warning just for transparency.

Just to be clear, this is not a case of BLF being hacked or otherwise compromised. It was most likely an unused email account with a weak or leaked password that allowed somebody to reset the BLF password.