Possible to resistor mod this (UF HY-A64)?


I have a UF HY-A64 that I posted about this past weekend, and was wondering if this is a candidate for a resistor mod to increase current. I have pics of the driver at:


As mentioned on that thread, I did see a current increase from ~1 amp to ~1.6 amps by just moving one of the emitter leads to a different pad, but I was wondering if there’s still more potential here.


I think by moving that emitter lead you have already bypassed those resistors so changing them would not increase your output. You could put some larger wires between the driver and emitter and probably increase current a little.
I wouldn’t increase it to much without putting some heat sinking under that emitter, that hollow pill will kill your XML if you try to drive it to hard without improving the pill.

20mm driver, only way to get more is put a better driver in it and change out the wires to thicker gauge


Ok, thanks for that info.

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