Possibly Dumb Shipping Question?

I have in the past had one Chinese shipper ship via Netherlands Post and have another one doing so currently, GearBest.

How do they do this? Do they bulk ship to the Netherlands and then have items final shipped from there? Does the Netherlands still have any possessions in Asia? Any one have any idea how much they save versus shipment by China Post? Asking as my experience with this on the prior shipment was that it took about a week or more between my receiving the tracking number and actually being able to use it for anything.

I’m guessing but plane or boatload… I doubt they use submarines :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do some homework, you are going to discover that the post offices in some countries have close ties (and may even be part owners) of Courier Companies. What happens is the courier company will transport the goods to a distribution point where the parcels are tendered to the Post Office
for on forwarding and delivery. For Example in the USA DHL operates something called Global Mail, they pick up mail in bulk, and transport it to the DHL distribution center nearest the customer, and then hand the parcel over to the local post office at that point for ultimate delivery. Fedex offer SmartPost, which does exactly the same thing, and UPS offer the same service (but I don’t recall the name).

There are two issues involved in the selection of these alternates mailing services. These services are usually a little less expensive than the Post Office (but often not a lot). The Big driver is generally that there is no trip to the Post Office for the shipper. DHL,FEDEX and UPS pick up the goods from the customer premises. NO standing in line at the post office, no trip to the Post office. In my experience these services tend to be significantly slower than handing the goods directly over to the Post Office. I suspect the goods travel ‘space available’ within the Courier Company’s network. IN many cases the Courier Companies pays a fixed fee for cargo lift, and they pay that fee whether they use all of the contracted lift, or none of it. So often the marginal cost to the courier company for this lift is quite small.

The tracking number issue results from the fact that these parcels will not track via postal tracking until they are tendered to a Post Office, and that is often both a long distance, and a long time from where they were actually handed over to the Courier Company.

I was aware of the UPS and Fedex services as Amazon used both before I signed up for their Prime service. Combining a delivery service and the USPS combines the worst features of both in my opinion.

DHL is actually owned by the German post service which per Wikipedia was privatized in the 1990s. Now the worlds largest shipping company.

At least Amazon tells you which shipping service they are using to get stuff to the post office while none of the Chinese sellers do. Things disappear into the great beyond for a period of up to 10 days or so.