Post a current workbench photo

I thought this would be a cool thread, post a pic of your workbench currently..

Mine's pretty messy but workable, next week its going to get alot more crowded when my 10 SRK's show up. Some people have asked about the red pad, its a heat resistant silicone mat. Not pictured is my bench power supply, my bigger heatsink, my soldering iron controller and several other lights I have in various states or tear down / rebuild

Dang…I need to do this…awesome workbenches guys…

Ok - workbench/flashlight mod shop/office. I took this pics "as-is" tonight.

The main bench:

Wow, these look bad! It's embarrassing... Who's idea was this?

Very jealous Tom! Is that headlamp on the operating table or do you use it? I have pretty good lighting at my desk (plus a window right above it)but I still find myself wearing a headlamp quite often.

Or the bucket you shoved everything else into. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I can’t touch that for organization. Whenever I can’t find something I clean up until it shows up then stop. The only picture you will ever see is that piece of vg fir ply I shoot my pictures on(~18”x24”). Since it sits on my lap when I’m working(peering into my magnifying lamp)it gets cleaned off whenever I stand up.

Close Steve-o, now if you get rid of those bin thingy’s and dump the contents into a pile you’d be just about there.

^and preferably dump them in order of how often you need in them so your dumping the most important stuff on the bottom.

Does no one have a shed or do you all have understanding women in your life?

I have a basement full of tools, I’m an ASE cetrified mechanic by trade, I have *A TON*of tools but I am doing lights so often these days I don’t like to be down there away from the family for a couple hours at a time so I work upstairs.

My wife gives me a whole basement for man stuff and still let’s me have a desk in the living room!

I live under that NC HC50 now - I love it! Got it from IS - rare it's just laying there, actually. I thought I had excellent lighting, but a headlamp makes a world of difference. I used to use a modded UF S5 - neutral tint, wide TIR optic - bought a few from the eBay deal Relic38 posted (thanx Relic38!), but the NC headband seemed to stretch, so the light would fall out at the worse moments... I should have gotten a quality headlamp a year ago.

It’s on the second floor at the far end of the house, down a long hall. Very much separated from the rest of the house. How many guys get to have a rollaway toolbox on the second floor. That one is full of electrical and electronics tools and is made by “Homak”, as in dc homak I have 4 of those, 2 more in the basement and one in the garage. Right now on the bench are several brand new, old stock drill packs that I got from recycle bins. It seems HD and Lowes throw them out when they exceed their shelf life. (brand new IMR’s)

How do you ever FIND anything in all that neatness?

Tom, I see a few clear spots, need to send you a few of my screw-ups and let you get em sorted out. Including the 4 XM-L2’s I fried tonight.

I don’t rate a work area. :frowning: I have to use the laundry room table and clean it up when I’m done so clothes can be folded coming out of the dryer. I do, however, have a mess on the breakfast table on the back porch…

Should have explained some history with that flashlight mod shop office. I used to work from home 7 days a week, software contracting, selling/servicing/installing computers. So, I had a nice basement office built up. On one side, got a nice secretary's desk from an auction sale - great deal, and on the other side, my brother ( a carpenter and super cabinet maker) made me a custom table with all the shelving. So, it was a great multi-function office, and at times, had lots of things goin on simultaneously (asynchronously?). For a while, had some mil spec computers in there developing mission planning software for the 160th SOAR at Ft Campbell (Spec OP's/SOCOM) - Exc. read here: 160th_Special_Operations_Aviation_Regiment. They are the source of those "black helicopters" so often talked about but totally secret (specially equipped Blackhawks, Little Birds, Chinook's). That office was the site for at least 100 computers assembled, custom, over a couple of years. Since I stopped the computer sales/support, and been doing on-site consulting, the office was dormant for quite a few years until it found a new purpose - flashlight modding of course.

How am I supposed to find anything when I can't find myself? The OCD part, let's not go there

I *O*bsess over flashlights and *C*ompulsively buy more for my *D*isorganized shelf space.

I also Obediently Complete Destruction of stock set-ups in lights.

I’m not good at Organizing Component Disarray though

Trying to get better at Optimizing Compatible Diagrams in order to Ostensibly Corrupt Disaster situations. (Or that’s what I tell the wife)

Y’all have these nice toolboxes and drawers full of electronics and various parts. I have 3 Mouser boxes full of stuff that I dig through. :slight_smile: With bits and pieces in my Hakko box (yes, I keep my soldering station in the box it came in, it’s organized and very nice and holds my wire, solder, hemostats, copper sheet and extra scrub pad for the iron.) Everything get’s pulled out to build a light, everything goes back in it’s “place” when I’m done. (Usually. I have left everything out when I knew a light was due… much to the chagrin of those in the house doing laundry)

Dale you’re hilarious. :slight_smile:

I have a box (my soldering station’s box) full of assorted stuffs for flashlight modding as well. I don’t think I have enough to require any sort of organization. My actual work station is all the various modding tools strewn about a paint table in the garage, bits of solder, wire, and braid everywhere. Enough clear real estate to work on a pill or some laptop pulls.

I was just in the process of checking cells with the oldest Fluke around. It looks like I need a few more parts and disassembled lights on the bench.