Post a current workbench photo

Just like my desk at work…I guarantee there is a “method to the madness” he probably can locate anything he needs in a minute or two :smiley:

I just LOVE those desk…so cool!

Once we get moved…I think I am going to build me a shed and make it my “workshop” :slight_smile:

Awesome…simply awesome

Damn you all. I’m not posting a pic yet. You’ve motivated me to clean my area.

I hate cleaning.

I keep most of my electrical tools under my computer desk (not so neat)

A compressor to blow shit off dusty things

A couple of my benchtop vises

I keep most of my small parts orderly (OCD)

I see you have the same Bessey bench top vacuum base vise I have :slight_smile: It’s GREAT!, though not as nice as the one Tom E has :frowning:

Lowes has them on clearance right now, at different prices at each store. Right now my local store is $15.39. Before that it was $17.58

Glenn, I can’t trust you! No one can have that perfect desk! You prepared it for the picture!

atbglenn, your benchtop vise is the best yet. And I thought I was living large with the one I have!

Just goes to show that a man can have more than 1 vise! :bigsmile:

Never ever trust me! You'll be better off lol!


The "Shop" is just one side of the garage.


The workbench


The tools have been accumulated from when I was in my teens till the present. I used to work on cars a lot in my youth. I got rid of a lot of automotive stuff when I quit working on them.



Components and supplies


More supplies and there's also automotive stuff hanging around too. It's the all purpose shop.

Yes, everything is fairly neat and tidy, but I have been slipping. It used to be more organized and cleaner than now.

Yes, I even clean up and put away things from one process to the other. If I file something, I clean the area and put stuff away before doing something else. If I use the drill press I get it out, use it, clean the area and put it away. I store most everything in storage containers, just because of the constant Texas dust, that never seems to stop, even in the winter.

Yes, I am a neat freak and I loved the regiment of military life way before I was ever there. I was brought up this way. Everything in it's place and everything "squared away". Like I say, after about 55, I started slipping and don't keep it as I should.

No, I did not tidy up before taking the photos.

No, I won't say anything about anyone else's clutter, to each their own.

Those are Panavise's. I bought them years ago at very reasonable prices. Today they're just too expensive. I have a circuit board holder the fits both bases. Sure come in handy :)

I do like that bench top vise but I sometimes have a problem with the jaws. I use cardboard jaw covers when I don’t want the heat sinking of the metal jaws. The stock rubber jaw covers tend to melt.

Since I have a mill and lathe in my garage shop I will make some jaws of G10 when I get motivated. It’s working it’s way to the top of my to do list.

You're even more organized than me:) Very impressive Justin

Probably the word I was trying to say was “believe”, but I’ll take your tip, I won’t trust you!

My very unorganized resistor stash

What the hell are those little white stickers with the writing?!

They’re actually legible and look printed :open_mouth: Yeah, what are those ??

Those are Brother P-Touch laminated labels.

Oh I have one of those machines, its for marking ends of cables I have to run. Using it for making labels on my drawers, never thought of that.

I have a PC enabled version, Model # PT2700. It has a keyboard if you want to use as a stand-alone. It makes labels from 1/2" to 1". I use it on everything

oh shame on you, you have very dirty and unorganized work places…. lucky my workplace is clean organized, i can say a pleasure to look at :

well till the moment you zoom out at least :

Every man knows intuitively that if you use a tool, you’ll likely use it again in the near future. So why put it away? :bigsmile: