Post Office sent my FW3A back to sender

Not quite sure what to do now but just got a notice from the post office that they sent back my package from Neil’s Gadgets because of an incomplete address. It was a PayPal payment and I’ve never had any issues with people messing up the address before. Should I just open a PayPal dispute or see if Neil’s gadgets can get it right the next time?

Need more info…

Where in the “post office” did it get bounced? ISP? Dist Ctr? Local PO?

And what, precisely, did they consider “incomplete”?

Wish I knew. Will probably talk with them tomorrow. Last I knew it was out for delivery.

That could be a new (or lazy) mailman who’s clueless and doesn’t want to bother.

Oh yeah, get to ’em fast so they can possibly still catch it before it goes in the pipeline.

And bring a printout of the addy, and any/all tracking info, on the package and ask ’em what’s “incomplete”. If it’s their fault and you can show it, you’d have a better case for getting it without socking Neal for double-postage, as it ain’t his fault.

Going to try to but the main PO is 20 miles away. And it happened over the weekend. Hopefully it’ll get resolved soon but the shipment took a while to get here. Kinda anxious to get my new light.

Have tracking info my phone so that might help. Anyway just a little tense and hoping that this is just a fluke and not anything with Neal’s.

The package was probably damaged where the address is, either by USPS or the original carrier. If you can get ahold of your post office, they will likely still have it but don’t wait on them. It will likely be sitting in that facility unless they are attempting delivery again.

This is the reason why I always include my cellphone number in my address in cases of address delivery issues, etc.

All good ideas. Will find out tomorrow morning. Let’s hope that the package is still there. Thanks for the help. Will let you know what happened.

Quick question. If it was a incomplete address. How did they know how to get a hold of you?

This is my guess. I live on a tiny section of my street which is literally 8 houses long, my street as a whole however is miles long. Many times stuff gets returned to the PO till the next day cause we had a sub letter carrier and they couldn’t find my house number on the main part of the road so concluded it must of been addressed wrong.

My street is about half a mile long. With 3 odd numbers on the SW side and 7 even numbers on the NE side.
The new parcelman could not find #2 directly opposite of #1 so he tagged my house as not/no more existing.
Which meant that not only I did not receive that one parcel, but also all regular mail for the next two months!

But as you suspected before: he could not care less.

I had that happen with the PO a few yrs ago with a package from — When I went to the PO there was nothing wrong with my address—the lady at the counter just shook her head about the delivery person

I had a package delivered to my camp from Amazon Friday— the street is kind of wacky and the addresses are all out of sync—so he just leaves it at 1538 instead of 1530—I had him find it and bring it to me that day—he mumbled something —I said if you’d read the numbers on the mailboxes you would of gotten it right

OK so, it got sent back to Neil’s. Postal guy said that sometimes part of the address gets cut off on Surepost printed out labels. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see if Neil can make sure that the address gets on there properly. Will try to contact his store.

I just had this happen as well. Tracking indicated out for delivery, then an hour later ready for pickup.
PO found the package, said the carrier read the “8” as a “5” and of course there is no such number.
Can’t make this stuff up.
this is why all packages need to be tracked.

I once got a box just plopped onto my doorstep (I get my stuff delivered at work), and looking at the label, it was supposed to go to the house up the block. Not even typo-worthy, like 23 vs 28, we’re talking about the difference in house numbers being 19 vs 32, not even close!

Someone know how to contact anybody at Neal’s Gadgets? I’ve sent 2 emails and no response.

Have you sent him a pm on facebook? That worked better for me.

His communications are iffy, as he has to use a VPN, and his government likes to squash their comms during civil unrest.