Post pictures of your pets

Hey folks i thought it would be interesting to start this thread feel free to post pics of your pets no matter what they are…. (i just want to see if some one has a racoon as a pet)
She is an Australian cattle dog i hear they are popular dogs in USA?
let me start this is hannah



Lucky me getting cuddles…




My Cuddles “Cuds” getting some Pappa time in… :slight_smile:
Notice the Fenix LD22 making an appearance above the FR tire… :face_with_monocle:

I just love cats, they know everything so they just yawn….lol!

This is Cinnamon

Here's some of them...

One of my wife’s girlfriends run a raccoon rescue out of her home, they love a big plate of baby mice. They are so cute… :slight_smile:

Mama Cat and Pearl, yes the torty shell is the grey one’s mother.


They are cute, but potentially dangerous.

To tell the truth, I don't actually have pet raccoons.

I have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, my sister has a Manx cat, and my mom has a tabby cat.

Some people have them as pets Youtube has a few videos of this. They are so cute such little rascals lol

Here in Australia we can keep dingo they are wild animals native to Australia but if picked up from a breeder at a certain age can be kept as pets…

I’ve known several families that tried keeping raccoons as pets (North Carolina in the 1950s), when they’d caught a young one in a box trap (usually set for rabbits)

One family succeeded. They had, I think, thirteen children fairly closely spaced. There was always one kid, usually several, around who was eager to pet and play with the raccoon.
I recall my dad saying that was the fattest, happiest old raccoon he’d ever seen — and noting that was the only family he knew that had succeeded longterm keeping a raccoon domesticated.
He said all the others — and people did this fairly often — within a few years of adulthood became dangerous to handle, and had to be let go.

So attention seems to count for a lot.

I also know people who’ve fostered opossums successfully — finding a mother as roadkill, checking the pouch and finding living babies and raising them with eyedroppers and warm beds.
Scary as they look, with all those tiny sharp teeth, they’re mostly insect-eaters.

These days, though, I’d always call a wildlife rescue place that can do a better job than I can of keeping an animal undomesticated so it can be released to the wild rather than teaching it to trust people.

While i am here this is bolts she is not mine she is my mates but she has been raised by all of us…. Pics of me and her! just so you can see how big she is…
when she was a pup

a few months older trying to escape my grip lol

her now she is 55kgs


My merle Border Collies, Diesel and Cobweb (she’s the little’un) on the East Durham cliffs in the North of England a couple of days ago.

I have raised one raccoon and known a number of people that have raised them also. It seems once they become young adults (around 18 months to 2 years old) the wild instinct kicks in for some reason no matter how much attention they get.

The squirrel I/we have raised for the past 7 1/2 years (Alvin) on the other hand is still tame and loves to play, kind of like a cat does, wrestling with your hands and playing chase with us (the family) He is mean with anyone outside the family, but has never had a mean moment with my family at all.

Then of course there is the cats that think THEY own the place instead of us.

We lost Simon (the steel gray one) recently at only 4 years old. The Vet was unable to determine the cause, but Simon just got sick overnight and his heart stopped when they started an IV at the Vets office.

Missy is the Siamese and Bitsy is the calico/tabby , she was almost a tabby but has just enough orange and white she is considered a calico.

Here is Alvin….

And the three cats together……

This is Red

That is cool. Fits in well with the family.

What breed is he? Looks like a red cattle dog but the fur looks to smooth lol

I love these threads! Must. Get. Dog.

ACD aka Red Heeler.