Powerful bicycle light

Why you didn’t like Fenix BC30. I have V1 and it is one of the best. I also buyed V2 for the friend and he is very happy with it. BC30 V2 also use same SST40 leds like your S2+. Compared to V1 I didn’t like that cold 6500K color of light. V1 have 5000k XML-L2 leds. The wireless remote of V2 is very nice feature in that model.
Also you have constant output of over 1000 lumens. By spec V1 is 1200 and V2 is 1500 lumens. Very little bike lights can substain that level output for longer times. Also yes S2 can make 2000 lumens but for short time and that its. If you want longer operation times just use quality high capacity 18650 batteries.
If you want more lumens you can use Sofirn SP36 on hadlebars. I made my own holder for it.

I also made mod for my V1 remote to have about 30 secs and over on turbo. I made also PCB and need to be assembled. But for now its not populated. I made it year ago and need to finish that project.

Nitefighter BT40s

Is that Nitefighter 1600 lumens? The Fenix have stable similar 1200-1500 lumens. If the moneys are not problem that is the best

Hello everyone, I am a flashlight manufacturer from China

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This may help

I didn’t measure it, but many reviews on the web claims so.
Stock light give wall of light, with high capacity battery pack it can shine for a long time.
Some time ago I swapped leds in it to high cri nichias and modded driver for higher current.

This Xanes bike light is quite cheap right now at only $10. It’s only 600 lumens but quite a lot of good reviews. I already ordered one. Xanes Bike Light

i would get one with 4 18650s
amazon has a ton of them under $30
very bright, long battery life

Wuben has a new bike light (B1) listed in their preorder section. It’s not cheap but claims 2000 lumens for 3 hours, and 3600 lumens max. And there’s currently a spot on the page where you can enter your email into a giveaway.


just make a decent holder and use 2 convoys with sst40, cuz if you do not like bc30 you prbly wont like any stock bike lights that are widely available.
i was riding with a convay s2+ on a handlebars (xml2) and a headlamp on my head, i did have bc30 years ago, it was pretty good, i lost it, but i like 2 lights better, that is why i’m not buying another, one on handlebars always illuminates ahead, with a headlamp, i illuminate where I’m looking at, which is not always up ahead

Hopefully Wuben is ok with me posting this…

I’m not really a nighttime biker, but they asked me to test a pre-production unit. They mentioned making some updates after this (fixing the mode output levels / step down timing?). It’s not exactly a “budget” bike light, but it’s legit.

Yup, XHP70.2

Sorry, not sure what you mean

Nope, no headband is included. But you can unscrew and remove the handlebar mount, so you could potentially screw on a different mount.

As far as swapping LEDs… the XHP70.2 that they’re using is probably 6V, but not sure. The GTFC-40 is 12V, right? I guess it depends on if the driver is buck-only or if it’s buck-boost. To that end, I’m not sure.

Last thing I saw yesterday before going to sleep :smiley:

Hi annyli. Your flashlights look nice, where to buy them?

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What about the mighty Sofirn BLF Q8 ?

I just wanted to add that bicycle lights are often seperate units for good reason, they are also often quite a lot more powerful, and can be so because they have much more airflow since you move quicker on a bike then on foot.

There have been attempts for ‘flashlight’ bodies, as in one body that includes both the light and the battery. They are sadly kinda bad, especially for MTB, they get got too much weight and end up tilting up or down when riding, and if you got carbon handlebars you can’t tighten it too much because you might risk breaking the bars, and even people with aluminium bars run into these issues.

Therefore we often have a seperate light and battery pack, some you can fit both on the helm; the light in front, and the pack at the back, but usually you carry it in your bag, or strap it to the frame. The big upside with this is that you can have massive packs, and get a very long run time. Less weight on the helmet the better!

You do find some with remotes these days, and it is handy, especially for helmet lights.

I prefer to run with both helmet light and lights on the bars. None of my lights come in the realm of budget though, but we’re talking 2000 lumen on bars, and 5000 lumen on the helmet.
Some opt for only helmet, and some only bars, it comes down to preference I guess.

If I were to look around at aliexpress I’d probably check out stuff 2000-3000 lumen.
I do prefer the light on the handlebars to be more floody, compared to the helmet one.

Are they still being sold somewhere?