powering a light from 2 different sources

Hi guys i’m trying to wire up some drls on the car so that they come on with the ignition and also come on when you unlock the car.

I have the power sources worked out but i cannot figure out how to wire it all up so that there is no feed back through the system.

so to clarify what i want

unlock car lights on
start car both feeds will be live until the interior light dim off, lights then running with the ignition feed.

thanks for any help

have you find a solution? if not I have an idea that might work
you’d need 3 relays, one to be normally closed, and 2 normally open (the usual ones).
you want the first power source (the one that powers on with the interior lights) to switch the first relay closed, power from this relay should flow through the normally closed one (which is not powered so its still closed) and from there to the lights, then when the second source goes in it should switch both the normally closed one open (breaking the circuit) and a different normally open to its close state(closing an independent circuit) to feed the lights, you would probably want a delay before the last one comes on so there is no way the lights get power from both sources but I don’t know if it would be necessary.
you could maybe avoid using the first relay but I think it is better to have it just to be safe.