Powertac destroyer 2100 lumens for sale

I have a new powertac destroyer 2100 lumens flashlight for sale. They are $425 on the website but I’ll sale mine for $275. It’s new, I got it for Christmas and really need cash more than the light. I took it out of the fancy box and walked down the street at night with it—this thing is bright and shines far away. I was lighting up some houses and trees. It’s been back in the box ever since. Save yourself $150 and buy this one from me. I hate to sell it but the after Christmas bills are in and I need to sell it. If interested contact me on here and then we can contact each other for more details and share needed info.

You'd be hard-pressed selling an older, less efficient light when something like the Nitecore TM16 can be had for the same with good quality batteries.

Also, asking people to buy a product off you from the first post is a stretch, even more so for such a large amount.

Sorry bud, the hard truth is that these things drop in value significantly over time.

Yeah, you’re right, but you never know. Maybe someone wants this particular light and it does seem to be a good discount off the sticker price.

OP: you may also want to post it on candlepowerforums if you haven’t already. Good luck with your sale!

I’m not that familiar with all these lights. I tried to sell on eBay, it only got 3 views in a week. So I looked up and found this forum and thought it might sell here. I can give the buyer my eBay info and you’ll see my ranking and status on eBay. We can do PayPal, even post it back on eBay for purchase if needed. Make me an offer if you think it’s too high. It is brand new. I won’t give it away but do need to sell it.

Some pictures would help as well.