PraireFire X9, 2x18650... Impressions?

Curious... does anyone have this light?... 65mm bezel diameter.

Looking for general opinions on it.

Does any other place sell it besides DX?

The reflective surface looks very different from the STL-V2, V6 and X9... It doesn't appear to have a flat area immediately surrounding the LED, and it doesn't look like it has a plastic piece that centers the reflector around the LED....?

Heres the STL-V2 reflector for reference:

I believe that's a misprint. Calculating from the battery tube (which is about 24-25mm probably) the head is 57-58mm. It's a similar light like my Ultrafire X5, with a similar dropin, maybe better quality.

some photos from my X5: here

UniqueFire X6S at manafont for $32

This will be better.

What is the magic calculation of the head diameter on this light?

I like all those cooling fins… maybe I should get this for my birthday present… or maybe that Bronte 2x18650 thrower… or the new Crelant… no the Spark SL6! Oh who am I kidding

Not too sure the head sizes look the same but if you look at the fins and head the PraireFire looks like to have a bigger head.

The only way to find out it to buy both.

Saw This:

Very similar to the Trustfire X6 one less battery.