Pre-order: ReyLight LAN Mokume Gane AA/14500 flashlight

Pre-order: LAN Mokume. Limited 200pcs. Each will have an unique number (engraved on the bamboo box, don’t want anything to destroy the flashlight body)
300$. You may send paypal now:

#001-200. first payment will get 001, second gets 002,………etc. Someone might chose their lucky number as well.
Registered airmail shipping with tracking number is free, usually takes 2-3 weeks.
Please add 20$ for DHL shipping, 4-7 days.
Production will start after Chinese New Year holiday, March-1st. Est. delivery is middle April.

Material: Mokume Gane
Nichia 219C 4000k 90CRI LED
Reverse polarity protection
LVP (low voltage protection) for Li-ion battery
Temperature control to avoid overheating problems
Anti-reflective coated lens
Aluminum alloy orange peel reflector
Easy clicky switch operation
Tail-stand capability
Pocket clip
Dimensions: 3.8 x 0.8 in (9.7 x 2.1 cm)
Weight: 3.8 oz (109 g) without battery
Spare O-rings
Use 1*AA/14500 battery
10 tritium slot (addtional 60$ for 10, I will install them in no charge)
3 around the head, 1 at switch button.
6 around the tail. (You might add 10$ to chose a custom service to double it to 12 pcs, so 16pcs in total)

4 modes, starts at moon by default. 8 quick taps will activate the memory function, taps again to turn off memory.

numbers taken.

Hey Rey, you might want to make those larger images 100% wide.

This thread explains how:

Good luck with the sale.

Thanks, it is 1920*1080. It looks fine here. Maybe bad on other computers?

Edit: Just updated to 800*450.

It looks great on my computer now.

If you want it to look perfect on all devices, maybe try the "100% wide trick."

Thank you.

Hi Rey,
Those are really special, I’m glad that you finally are doing the Mokume gane version! (but I’m not sure if I will be in for one, it is quite a lot of money spent)

May I do a suggestion that you are free to totally ignore? I think that the clip does not really fit this flashlight. For a Ti or SS version it may be alright, but in this finish it looks like it does not match the flashlight. Too wide at the top, not long enough, and it does not follow the curves of the light. But I would not know how to do it different and it is a matter of taste really, so take it just as a personal thought of mine.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, it is really helpful. I had some doubt on the clip as well.

Hi Rey.

+1 djozz’s comment. I offer the same suggestion as with Lan Ti clip. Perhaps a longer clip (and deep pocket!) with the contact point at the tube body transition area so that any rubbing marks blend in.

Perhaps something like this (sorry for altering the photo, and the crude Photoshop) -
A Mokume clip wouldn’t be strong enough, but while we’re at it perhaps colored (steel or Ti)?


So is this titanium or brass as flashlight material, the Mokume Gane is just a forging technique for 2 materials to one

From the looks I am guessing it is copper and brass.

So, i’ve learned something new today, mokume gane!
Had to do a search on google, it looks fantastic, but way too expensive for me, this is BUDGET light forum, remember ? :wink:

The pattern looks a littlebit static to me, it would be nice that all lights look different due to the process.

The light looks like it has been hydro dipped now.

you cant cover a whole cylinder or any other part with this techique as on the back side the pattern would overlap

Relatively cheap for a mokume light. The colours don’t overly appeal to me though. Does this list indicate that only 15 people are in on the group buy? Has the first 50 pieces been spoken for?

Some people have a larger “budget” than others.
This is not a “sub-$100 flashlight forum”

Also $300 is actually really cheap.
Usually they are $500-1000

Sorry, I forgot to update the number, the first 50 were gone long ago.

Well done :THUMBS-UP: