Pre-order Supbeam sale

As most of you know, I have been working with Alice from Supbeam quite a bit lately. I have been thinking about trying to become the only US retailer of Supbeam lights that I know of.

To start things out, I am thinking about starting a presale thread. Below is a list of items and MSRP:

Model - MSRP - My discount

Search Lights:

k40(xml u2) - $119 - 20% off

k40(xml-2) - $139.80 - 25% off

x40(xml u3) - $208 - 25% off

x40(xml2) - $214 - 25% off

Tactical Lights:

T10(xml2) - $114.80 - 25% off

L25A(xml2) - $69.95 - 12% off

L25S(xml2) - $94.90 - 20% off

T15(xml2) - $69.90 - 12% off

T15S(xml2) -$85.70 - 15% off

L15(xml2) - $68.73 - 15% off

EDC Lights:

EC10(xml t6) - $37 - 12% off

EC15(xml t6) - $40.89 - 12% off

EC20(xml t6) - $36 - 12% off

EC25(xml t6) - $38 - 12% off

EC30(xml t6) - $41.27 - 12% off

S50(xpg r5) - $38.90 - 15% off

The price after my discount will be the price shipped. Shipping, tracking and all PP fees are included.

We will need to wait until the pre order has reached $2500 in order to get the bulk order discount also.

I had to remove the L10 from the list for now as the shipping cost is high for such a small inexpensive light. IF it looks like we will hit the $2500 goal, I will add the L10 back to the list. It will be cheaper to piggyback them along with several other larger lights.

If/when we hit the $2500 minimum, I will place the order with Supbeam and they will be shipped either FedEx or DHL to me from China. Then I would repackage them and ship them to the respective customers USPS.

If it does not reach the minimum limit, I will either try my hardest to get the bulk order discount anyway, or refund payments in full.

So, If anyone is interested in this pre order sale, post here.

Pulsar, can you post links to the products for us to read about them easier? Thanks!

Saved to keep track of order total and members involved in the pre-order deal

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  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. ...
  6. ...
  7. ...
  8. ...
  9. ...

Only reason I am thinking about selling Supbeam is because I think they are good lights, and the only people selling them are selling them under another name at way higher costs than I think they should be.

It is pretty obvious who are selling the Supbeam lights under different names... I can name 4 off the top of my head right now, but I wont

Nice lights, and nice website :slight_smile:

What is the price of s50?

Not my website, Supbeams official website.

I am not sure, it is not on my pricing chart. But, I will be sure to find out and add it to the list

Cherry the Wallbuys rep or cherry the fruit?

Are you prepared to handle shipping/receiving, returns, repairs, warranty issues…as well as whiny BLF members? :stuck_out_tongue:

If so then I’d say go for it. Get everything in writing. I would also work out an arrangement where you get compensated for bringing aboard new SupBeam dealers.

Shipping and receiving, yes. The rest, not sure yet LOL. I am sure if this works out, I will be able to handle returns, repairs, and warranty issues

A K40 for a good deal? Definitely interested!

Kreisler, are you deleting posts again? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That would be the regular XML version, not the XML2. But added the old emitter version for those who may want to reflow their own LED

Edit: Just did the math estimating in paypal fees and shipping from China, and from me to the buyer, and it leaves $3 leeway before loosing money.

The discounts was a rough guess to gauge interest. I am going to have to sit down and do a per light discount rate to make sure I am not loosing any money

Not familiar with this one much, is the emitter on copper?

Funny, $20 upcharge for the one emitter K40…$6 upcharge for the 3 emitter X40.

Some lights have more of a markup from the bulk discount price to the MSRP. I am guessing they want to move out old product.

It is strange though in the k40 to x40 comparison, which shows why I need to sit down and figure out a per light discount.

I am all for getting the best discount possible, but I can not take a chance of loosing money to bring the deals

It should be on copper the same as the xml2 k40, but I can find out for sure


Hoping all the details work out, to avoid the fate of some of the other group buys! :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, could you go back and delete the price just in case? Rather not take the chance of MAP police catching up with this

haha... Not the posts, just the final price