Predator/Viking V3 modding - anybody?

Did someone already open the armytek predator/viking/doberman (V3) and did some modification to it? I noticed some owners received off-centered units (?) Any way to remove the reflector?

Hi, thanks for links (I already checked them before my early post...)

My question is regarding the 2015 V3 versions. They changed the "outside" design, not sure if the same procedure can be used to access the emitter.

If anybody already opened their new V3 Viking/Predator, they are welcome to share their experience.

I don’t think it will be much different than older models.

Hi, got some other questions...

Does anybody know the max Amp on the Predator V3 xp-l? I found that the Predator v3 XB-H draw bellow 1.5 Amp (get 1.38 Amp max on a 4.2v AW battery) Also, noticed something weird about the reflector's data. The XB-H has a "4 degree spot" vs "5 degree" for the XP-L (?)

side by side impression:

(?) It seems that both lights share the same reflector and the wider corona of the XP-L high is due to the larger emitter (only).

Anybody can confirm this observation? The new predator reflector looks good for the tiny XB-H but not suitable (let say-optimized) for the larger XP-L...

thanks for more technical enlightenment...

I’ve got a Predator Pro v3 Limited Edition XP-L HI light. I measure 3.45 amps at the tailcap initially, settling to 3.27 amps within 8-10 seconds, using a Samsung 30Q cell.

I don’t have the XB-H light to compare with, but I completely believe that they did not change the reflector for this larger XP-L emitter. Its not a clean beam at all - very ringy. You can see it in the tested numbers, too. Armytek claimed I’d get 540m throw from this light. I measure 48k cd, or 438m throw. I think they didn’t even try to optimize this reflector for the XP-L HI emitter. There are other reports around the forums of similar results, so its not just me.

I’ve not tried to open this light so I can’t help you with your other questions above.

Hi, thanks.

I found some German reviews of the XB-H and XP-L HI showing this: (xb-h) (xb-h)

There are some clean rings around the hot spot, nothing wrong with that (especially outdoor) Usually smooth reflectors always show some rings (EagleTac looks extremely smooth indeed!)... I am more concern about defect (irregularity) on the surface of the reflector.

Beside the reflector patterns , any issue with the driver/circuit part so far?

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